Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack – Final Update


Looking for a work backpack that will carry all of your work needs, even your laptop? What about a backpack that will carry all of your outdoor needs while doing a day hike? Well Briggs & Riley (Briggs-Riley) offers the Excursion Backpack as part of their BRX collection.

Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack

This backpack is somewhat different than what you would normally see on the trail. With a top zippered lid and a reinforced look, it goes where ever you want it to. Here is a little description from Briggs & Riley:

Our ruggedly refined Excursion Backpack is ideal for any type of travel—it makes an ideal carry-on.  Its large U-shaped top opening provides easy access to contents.  It has an interior pocket perfect for laptop storage.  Daisy chain keeps small items in reach.

* Convenient top load access allows quick/easy access to main compartment

* Large front pocket with internal organizer panel, zip side pocket for sunglasses or smaller electronics, mesh water  bottle holder.

* Expandable front slash pocket perfect for quickly storing a light jacket, guide books or maps.

*Quick connect daisy chain great for attaching multiple smaller accessory items for easy access

* Main compartment with divider stores up to a 16″ laptop

* Simple as that® lifetime warranty even covers airline damage—same as all Briggs & Riley bags

I received the Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack for review and when it arrived I was very curious about the backpack.  It has a thin foam ridged body which I really like and the fabric seems very durable.  It doesn’t collapse while trying to put things in it. It has a top zippered lid which again was a little different than normal backpacks, even the ones that are made for laptops.  Inside the main compartment is nice and deep to be able to store papers, magazines, files, books and what ever else you need for your daily job.  It also has a padded sleeve at the back of the main compartment that can store a laptop very securely.

On the lid of the main compartment is a small zippered pocket along with a front zippered pocket with organization pockets inside. Inside all of these pockets, the interior fabric is orange which makes everything very visible.  On one side of the pack is a mesh pocket for a water bottle or something of the sort. On the other side of the pack is a slender, zippered pocket to house a cell phone or even snacks.  On the top of the pack is a nice padded handle and on the back are padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap attached to them.

Upon the week of receiving the Excursion, I had a scheduled 10 mile Appalachian Trail hike scheduled for that weekend.  I pondered and pondered on whether to use the Excursion on this hike.  After I kept looking at it I decided to go ahead and pack it for the hike.  It just really made sense to use it since it had so many features and organizational pockets.

As you can see, everything had a place and it worked out great to be able to use the Excursion on this trip.  I put extra clothes and a jacket in the main compartment and was able to keep my maps and trail description safely in the laptop sleeve.  Then all of my little stuff went into the top, front and side pockets.

The Excursion on the Wesser Bald Tower on the AT

This pack worked great on this trip. I really had my doubts as to whether the shoulder straps would be padded enough and whether it would be too awkward to carry. But I was truly amazed at how comfortable it was while carrying it and at no time did my shoulders get tired or ache. It was great having that organization ability at my finger tips.

I will be using this on some of my upcoming trips and I will probably use it as a work backpack as well. Stay tuned for updates….

UPDATE: Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack 9/20/11

The Excursion has gone with me on many, many short day hikes. And I have to say that it is one great day pack. I think what I like about it the most is the structure of the pack. The pack can be completely empty but it still stands up on it’s on. Now that might not seem like a big deal but when I am retrieving an item from the bottom of the pack or just simply looking my gear in the pack, it’s not ‘breaking down’ on me while I’m doing that. I’m not having to keep it upright to be able to see the items in the pack. Like I say, that might not be a big deal to some people but I found it very useful.

The organizational pockets in this pack are just phenomenal. I am huge on organization when I go on day hikes or even extended hikes and the Excursion makes it so easy to find my stuff. There is always a place for everything. And I have been very impressed with the size of the main compartment to be able to carry a pretty good size load.

I’ve recently taken it on another 10 mile hike. Even on long trips such as this one, the comfort of the pack is unbelievable. Since the pack looks so structured, one might think it would not be a comfortable pack on long trips. Not so with the Excursion. The padding on the shoulder straps are sturdy but very well padded. My only complaint that I would have for this pack is that the back panel tends to make my back sweat more than normal. There just isn’t a lot of area for ventilation since it sits pretty much flat on the back. But what I can’t stress enough is how awesome it is to be able to open up the pockets and the main compartment and be able to find my items in an instance, and the orange liner also helps with this, makes everything bright inside. Next I hope to be using it as a work pack. Stay tuned….

UPDATE: Briggs & Riley Excursion Backpack 01/17/12

For a while now I have been using the Excursion as a work backpack. The main compartment has a nice padded sleeve that a 15″ laptop fits in perfectly and is very secure. Before, on trips, I’ve had all of my outdoor type gear in the organizational pockets and it worked very well. Now for my work day, I have placed all of my office type gear in the pockets and again, it has worked beautifully. Everything is very easy to see and get to.

As I mentioned before, this pack is somewhat structured with most of it being padded in some form or fashion. With that being said, it really makes a great work pack for a laptop. With the sleeve already being padded, the rest of the pack also keeps it safe and secure. The zippers are a great size for the pack, a little on the larger size but it fits the pack and seems to make it more durable. The coyote brown color gives it a little bit of a military look which is what I like.

All in all I have really enjoyed the Excursion as a day pack, extended trip pack and as a work pack. I truly think it is a great all around versatile pack. I would recommend it to anyone.

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