Sakari Gear Sisu Sleeping Bag

By Jason Boyle

Sisu Sleeping Bag

Sisu Sleeping Bag photo courtesy of Sakari Gear Website

Sakari Gear is a small company based out of New York City.  The owners traveled the world and tried many different brands of gear and decided to make their own gear with the items and features that they couldn’t find in other gear.

Social responsibility is vital with all companies, and Sakari Gear is no different. They noticed that many girls did not receive the same educational opportunities as boys, so they have committed to donating 4% of their profits to help girls receive secondary education.

I googled Sakari, and Urban Dictionary defines it this way “A beautiful girl who is smart, kind and hilarious. She is also sassy and makes the right decisions.”  Not sure if that was the intent of the company but it seems to fit.

Their first outdoor product is the Sisu sleeping bag. Sakari Gear describes the Sisu as a “high quality 3 season, 30F envelope style sleeping bag.” The Sisu features a polyester ripstop shell, polyester pongee lining, and synthetic hollow fiber fill.  The bag is a rectangular shape with a drawstring hood, neck baffle and draft tube. It also features a pocket inside of the bag to store valuables and a two way zipper that allows the bag to be completely unzipped to use as a blanket.

Sisu Sleeping Bag

Close up view of the inner pocket

There are attached sleeping bag straps with buckles to hold the bag in a rolled up position.  It also comes with a compression sack and a carabiner for easy storage.

My first impressions of the Sisu are positive.  I like the way that the inside of the bag feels. It is soft and comfortable.  There appears to be plenty of room to stretch out with the rectangular shape.  The inner pocket is large enough to hold my iPhone 6s and easily Velcro closed.

The attached straps and buckles at the bottom mean that I won’t loose them.  I don’t generally roll up my sleeping bags though, because I prefer to stuff them.  The Sisu will stuff into the enclosed compression sack and can be compressed down.

Sisu Sleeping Bag

The attached straps and buckles

The Sisu is heavy, it is listed at 4.85 pounds without the compression sack and 5.1 pounds with.  I weighed it with my scale and found that my measurements agreed with the company’s.  I weighed the bag alone at around 4.5 pounds and 5.2 pounds with the compression sack.  It is generally heavier than most of the bags that I use, but I will use it backpacking in addition to car camping.

I generally evaluate sleeping bags on the following characteristics – comfort, functionality and durability. One of the most important factors for me is the temperature rating – does it actually keep me warm to the rating?  For functionality – are there multiple uses for the bag?  Can I vent the bag to use it at temperatures warmer than the rating?  Durability – how does the bag stand up to use? Does the fill keep the bag lofted or does it flatten with use?  These are just a few questions I hope to answer as I review the bag.

Thanks for reading my initial review.  Please check back in  about a month for my update!

Thanks to and Sakari Gear for providing the gear for this review.