GSI Outdoors Javamill

Review by Arnie P

GSI Outdoors Javamill

GSI Outdoors Javamill

GSI Outdoors provided the Javamill for review purposes.

GSI Outdoors Javamill


The Javamill is a hand operated coffee grinder. It is compact when in transit mode. The see-through materials allow for viewing most of the parts. The lightweight Javamill takes up a small amount of space. It fits in my hand and is easy to store in a pack.


Height: 6.3 in/ 16 cm

Diameter: 2.5 in / 6.4 cm

Weight: 9.3 oz/ 264 g


Metal parts: Aluminum

Body: co-polyester

Grip: Silicone

Grinder: Ceramic burr


The handle is easily changed from transit mode to grinding mode. The bottom part of the Javamill holds the ground coffee. This cup-shaped part is easy to remove. The top part is easy to remove for access to add coffee beans for grinding.

GSI Outdoors Javamill

GSI Outdoors Javamill


To adjust the coarseness of the grind, I removed the bottom part. The instruction say to turn clockwise to make finer and counter-clockwise to make coarser. I turned clockwise till it was snug and then counter clockwise till I heard a noise and turned a half turn more.

Trying the Javamill for the first time.

I dropped 11 grams of one of my favorite French roast coffees into the grinder. I turned the handle with one hand while holding the grinder on a table with the other hand. I spent about 3 minutes grinding. My intuition was the setting was too fine. I use a French press and the filter press got clogged. The coffee tasted good.

Since I only have one cup a day, it may take several days before I have achieved the proper coarseness.

The grinding process was smooth and with a coarser setting it should take less time. I liked the consistency of the grind. My electric grinder is faster but the grounds are not as consistent. The bottom part that holds the grinds was close to capacity. My guess is it might hold about 12 grams without overflowing.

In the next month I will adjust the coarseness of the grind. I wish to thank and GSI Outdoors for the opportunity to test the Javamill. Please check back in a month for my updated review.

A last look 12-13-16

I have been using the GSI Outdoors Javamill for over a month with good results. I have been using it at least once in the morning and sometimes during the day. I only went to a coffee shop once this month.

Adjusting the coarseness of the grinding

The adjusting took several days since I was only making one cup a day most of the time. My criteria is the amount of coffee sediment at the bottom of my empty cup of coffee. My setting is coarser than the pre-ground I buy. I do that because the filter on a French mill is not as fine as a paper filter.
It has been over 3 weeks since I made the last adjustment for coarseness. I have not seen any changes in the coffee texture. I do get some sediment, but not much more than I do at coffee shops that use paper filters.

Good taste is what it is about

I am now making coffee that is as good, if not better, than what I have been buying at coffee shops. There is also the convenience and overall time and cost savings. I do sometimes miss the social aspects of going to some coffee shops.

GSI Outdoors Javamill

GSI Outdoors Javamill

Future use

When I spend time at a time share resort, the GSI Outdoors Javamill will be with me. I will be taking it with me for car camping trips and on some backpacking trips. When tea drinkers visit me it is easy for them to make tea at my house. Now when I visit tea drinkers I can be prepared. I have tried coffee made from coffee bags and I did not like it.


It is not everyday that a product becomes a part of your daily life. Due to the small size I will be taking the Javamill with me on a lot of my trips. Sometimes you have to try something to like it, I did and am happier for the experience. I wish to thank and GSI Outdoors for the opportunity to test the Javamill.