Primus Lite+ (Colors Options Available) Stove

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided this cooking stove for review purposes. 

Primus Lite+ img_20161011_221250

The Primus Lite+ (Colors Options Available) Stove is in the Primus gas/compact stove line up. This all-in-one gas stove is designed for three season and solo use. Initially when I opened the box I noticed that this stove was made of quality materials and would be the perfect size for my upcoming adventures. The Lite+ seems straightforward to use. Screw a fuel canister to the stove and secure the cooking pot on top. With the Piezo Igniter the stove should light quickly and without matches. I shall see once I get a gas canister in the next few days. There were no instructions included, but I believe this is due to the stove being a product sample.

Inside the cooking pot
Cooking pot base

The Primus Lite+ has a patent pending locking mechanism to make it sturdy and a foot support for stability on uneven surfaces. Also the Primus Lite+ has a lower burner called the Laminar Flow Burner Technology) for a more compact and lighter design. What is nice about this stove is that a 100-gram gas canister fits inside the cooking pot along with the stove and accessories. The cooking pot is made of hard-anodized aluminum, has a built in heat exchanger and windscreen, and it has a volume of 500 ml. The burner is designed to be silent and compact and the triangular joint connection to the stove allows the cooking pot to be secured to the stove with just a twist. The stove has a gas regulator knob to control the gas flow and heat output. The cooking pot lid is designed to increase cooking time, keep the accessories inside the cooking pot, and can allow the cooking pot to be used as cup (as it has an opening to sip liquids through). The Primus Lite+ also comes with a heat resistant sleeve (available in multiple colors) for the cooking pot. The sleeve also has a webbing handle to use the stove in a hanging position.


The Primus Lite+ weighs 14.40 oz. (without the fuel canister-weight of stove, pot, and lid), is advertised as having a 59-minute burn time on a 3.5 oz. gas canister, and 4500 BTU/h. A liquid measuring 0.5 liter is indicated to boil in 2 min 45 sec.

Check back next month to see how the Primus Lite + Stove is working out for me. I have two trips planned in the upcoming month.

Update November 7, 2016

The Primus Lite+ was used this past month for two days during a camping trip in Cuyamaca State Park (near Julian, California). I also used the stove in the morning on a day mountain biking trip to the same area. The park is at an elevation of 4,000 feet and the stove was used in temperatures in the upper 30’s F to 50 degrees F. My friends found it amusing that I brought my personal stove on the camping trip. The joke was that I was not going to cook for everyone with such a small stove.  Well I honestly enjoyed using my small stove on the camping trip. I used the Primus Lite+ to heat soup and water for apple cider in the evening and to make oatmeal and boil hot water for tea in the morning. I found that the stove was easy to set up and the flame lit without any effort. There was a slight wind and the built in windscreen prevented the flame from extinguishing. I boiled a half-liter of at full fuel regulation and I reached boiling at just slightly over 3 minutes (3 min 15 sec to be exact). The lid came in handy to use the cooking cup as a drinking cup to sip my apple cider. The cozy kept my hands from getting burned when drinking from the cooking cup and the lid prevented my lips from getting scalded. It was handy that the lid just dropped in the top of the cooking cup. But, I noticed that the lid needed to be held in place for pouring, which is fine as I found this as a better trade off than struggling to fuss with attaching the lid (ex. snapping or twisting it) to the cooking cup.

 I did some further research and this stove reminded me of the old Primus ETA stove. There seems to be some modifications with the lid and the cozy design. I am not certain if the burner or the heat exchange system was changed.

I am happy with the stove thus far. It is quiet and heats/boils quickly.  I would also consider it to be on the lightweight side. It is not the lightest stove on the market, but it is on the lighter side of the spectrum.

Check back next month to see how the stove is working out for me after a couple more uses.

Final Update December 18, 2016

During the past month I have used the stove twice. Once to boil some hot water for hot chocolate after a mountain biking event in San Diego and in Utah near Zion National Park during a mountain biking trip.  In San Diego the stove was used at an elevation only a couple hundred feet above sea level. The temperature was in the upper 50’s F. The temperatures near Zion National Park were in the low 50’s F the entire day and the elevation average was 4,500 feet. On my trip to Zion I wanted to try using a different pot on the burner. I used a pot from my MSR cookset and I was able to do this by screwing the three posts that came with the Lite+ around the burner.  These posts are attached to the bottom of the handle strap, which is convenient as they are always available. These posts enabled the pot to sit above the burner. So, I found that any pot that could fit on top of the posts could work with this stove.

I used a 100-gram gas canister for the duration of the review period and there is still fuel inside. I would assume I used the stove fuel for a total of approximately 45 minutes. I weighed the canister when I purchased it and there is just under a ¼ of the fuel remaining. I did not use the handle to hang the stove for cooking, but I did attach it to carry the stove from above.

I am very happy with the Primus Lite+ Stove and I plan to continue using it in the future, especially on backpacking trips when spring rolls around.

This stove retails for $114.95 and is available in the following colors: Lite + Dark Olive, Lite + Camo, Lite + Ochra, Lite + Red Plaid, Lite + Sand, and Lite + UN Blue. The stove I am reviewing arrived with a black sleeve (this was a product sample). There is also an optional coffee press that can be purchased for the Primus Lite +. For more information on this stove please visit