Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire Stove

Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire Stove
UST Wetfire Stove

I recently obtained a neat little stove called the Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire stove to try out. The stove itself consist of a small tray (1 ¾” x 1” x ¼” tall) with three swivel out legs. When collapsed the overall dimensions of stove are 3 1/8” long x 1 ¼’ wide x 1 ¾’ high. The stove is very lightweight coming in at a mere .46 oz.  The stove will accept several off the shelf metal cups. When testing I think I will use my lightweight titanium cup which measures about 3” diameter x 3” tall.

The stove came with one Wetfire Tinder cube, which is the fuel source. The material is unknown, but reminds me of a chalk. As I mentioned it comes in cubed form measuring about ¾” x ¾” x ½” and weighing .2 oz.

Upon receiving I thought I would try out the one cube that came with Wetfire stove.  The product literature says that tinder cube will light even when wet, so I took cube and placed in a cup of water for about 5 minutes. Then I took out of water and placed on stove and proceeded to light with a standard lighter.  I was outside with a temperature of about 28 degrees F and a very slight breeze with no wind screen and snow on the ground. Had a hard time getting cube lit and to stay lit, so I broke cube up with a pocket knife and tried again. This did help to get lit, but had to re-light several times. When lit the flame was small.  Don’t know if maybe cube was too wet or what, but I want to get several more cubes and test further.

So stay tuned for further updates on the Wetfire stove system.

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