Warbonnet Scandinavian Wooki Under Quilt Review

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Scandinavian Wooki provided to this writer for testing and review. Hereafter referred to as “Scandi” for ease of noting. There were comparisons made in terms of temp rating, weight, and size between the Scandi and the 3 Season XL Wooki which this reviewer already possessed. In all cases the under quilts were stuffed in the sacks which came with them and mounted to a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC hammock as they were intended to be used with. Additionally for anecdotal information, both Wooki sizes were mounted to an 11′ gathered end, integrated bug net hammock crafted by another cottage vendor.  The Wooki XL size will mount almost perfectly to at least the particular 11’ gathered end integrated bug net hammock that I had made recently.  This is good information as even if you do not possess a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC hammock, you can still purchase and use a Wooki under quilt!

Published details:

Temperature rating -20°F

Fill weight: 19.5oz

Item weight: 31.5oz

Fabric: 20D Ripstop Nylon, DWR (Durable Water Resistant)

850 fill Hyper-Dry DWR goose down

Coverage area: 44″ wide x 76″ long

Upon opening the box, it was noted that the Scandi Wooki had a large volume compared to the 3 Season Wooki. It practically sprung out of the box. It was compressed quite a bit and when fluffed and left to stand it lofted considerably more. My measured weight of the Scandi was 31.4oz so the manufacturer’s weight was within a ½ and ounce.

The sack it stuffs in measured 6x6x18” stuffed.  As seen in the pictures, this was close to twice the size as the 3 Season Wooki.  One plans to carry or drag more gear when winter camping, so I don’t see this as any issue at all. More loft in your insulation is needed to keep warm when the temps drop and the Wooki certainly has more loft than any of the other Wooki under quilts available!

Both in their respective stuff sacks

The 3 season Wooki

The Scandi Wooki

Unfortunately by the time I received the Scandi, our weather here in Maine had warmed up considerably. While waiting for it to arrive we had two nights at -19° and one at -24° which would have really tested the Scandi. I spent one night at -1° outside with the Scandi and a Loco Libre Ghost Pepper 0° top quilt which was the lowest temp i had ever slept out in. I was toasty warm all night apart from a little chill in my foot area. I would say the Scandi had plenty more insulation to get me even colder no problem. Given that I have been down to 12° with my 20° Wooki, my guess is that Scandi will at least go to -20°. With any winter use, there are condensation issues and i did notice condensation on the bottom of the Scandi one slightly warmer morning. I believe it was 33° air temp that morning and a little foggy which would make sense. I hung the Scandi up inside and it dried out quickly as the condensation was only surface dampness.

With any insulation it is advised to air out after any camping trip and storage should be either hanging loose in a closet or in a large cotton sack that does not compress the under or top quilt.  I do wish that the Wooki under quilts came with a large cotton storage sack for long term storage like many other vendors provide.  I made large sacks from breathable fabric for our three 3 Season Wooki’s which is quite easy to do.


The Warbonnet Scandinavian Wooki Under Quilt is designed for cold weather hammock camping.  At a rating of -20F, it is for the serious cold weather camper or someone who plans to camp right around 0F who gets cold easy.  I am confident it would keep me warm to sub zero temps no problem with proper top insulation and a good tarp with doors to block wind.  One thing I learned in all this cold weather hanging is NOT to wear too much clothing!  Your tendency is to want to layer clothes when you go to bed but what that does is negate the insulation properties of your quilts!  I learned this the hard way of course, but only out back and I had to get up at 5am for work anyways, so I never got that cold.  I would advise wearing thin polypro under clothes and fleece or wool socks and most importantly a hat to insulate your head.  Let the downy goodness under and over you do it’s job and insulate you!

As I said above, the Wooki under quilts are specifically designed for Warbonnet’s BlackBird and XLC hammocks with their foot boxes and shelves all integrated in.  BUT, it appears the Wooki UQ’s will work with appropriate sized gathered end hammocks.  10’ and 11’ respectively.

Warbonnet Scandinavian Wooki

The benefit to both the BlackBird hammocks and the Wooki under quilts is that they just work perfect right out of the box.  If you watch Warbonnet’s setup videos and follow the suggestions on just how to hang the hammocks and UQ’s, you should get a great night’s sleep with little to no tweaking of the setup.  I know our three complete setups go up with no problem every time which is why we chose the Warbonnet system!  They also provide a complete selection of tarps for weather cover as well.  Everything from small ultra light weight backpacking tarps to full hex tarps with doors for winter use.  We had our tarps custom made by another cottage vendor, but I would without hesitation purchase a Warbonnet tarp if the need arose or if you are buying a whole system from one place you could do it all at Warbonnet! WarbonnetWebLink


Thank you all for reading!  Now get out there and HANG!!