COAST FL70 Headlamp

I recently received the COAST FL70 Headlamp for review purposes.  Sometimes when doing a review of a common product, I wonder what ‘new’ information I can provide.  I mean – if its common, then most of you have tried one or many.  Is there anything exciting to say?

Well, in the case of the FL70, I’d say the best thing to say is… It works as advertised!  Simple to use, and the light it provides is great.  I’m going to share the specifications and claims from the website first, then I’ll explain how I’ve used it so far.

From the website:

I have run the light on high for over 2 hours total, and not run down the battery to where it is noticeable.  I will be watching over the next few weeks though, and I’ll make sure I keep some spares on hand.  I usually use rechargeable batteries and will switch once these need to be replaced.

The FL70 Headlamp combines our Pure Beam Focusing technology with one of our new front loaded headlamps. The FL70 Headlamp gives you the ability to shine a ultra wide flood beam and then quickly twist the bezel to a long reaching spot beam with transition halo so that you can be ready for anything. The IPX4 weather proof rating and reflective safety strap allows this headlamp to be ready for any environment you may find yourself in.

With Coast’s commitment to quality, the FL70 Headlamp is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The FL70 Headlamp is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

COAST FL70 Headlamp

COAST FL70 Headlamp


The headlamp itself is comfortable to wear, with an adjustable band.  The light casing is smooth on the backside, and does not irritate my skin at all.  Turning the light on, or changing the light output is easy to do by just pressing the red button on the top.  It is simple to adjust the focus by just turning the bezel on the front (the round piece that sticks out)

I’ve used COAST FL70 headlamp a lot more than I expected already.  Since it is winter in Maine, it gets dark by 4:15 pm, and stays dark until after 7:00 am.  (My least favorite part of winter).  I have 3 dogs, and we walk a lot.  I put the headlamp on, and they assume its time to go outside.  I like being able to have my hands free, so the lamp helps with that.  I can also keep it on wide beam, at the lower light setting and see the dogs fairly easily.  If the younger one decides to head into the wooded area, I can sharpen the beam, and spot him quickly.  Thankfully, he comes back when called.

I’ve taken the light with me when having to drive in bad weather, figuring if I get stuck I will be able to see to either shovel myself out, walk a distance or be more easily spotted myself.  A more unusual use may be wearing it while repairing and old sewing machine.  Besides being an outdoor enthusiast, I love tinkering with, and using old sewing machines.  I had to replace a spring in one (a 1954 Singer 401A, in case anyone cares…)  It was impossible to see where to attach the ends of the spring, because my head would block the overhead light.  I put on the headlamp, and was able to see easily what I needed to do.

My biggest problem with the light, is keeping other family members from ‘borrowing’ it and not returning it to its hook by the back door.   I will continue using the light and will update in about a month.  By then I should have an accurate idea of how the batteries last, and possibly have more information about how long the bulbs last.