Sealskinz WP Extreme Cold Weather Glove Review

Sealskinz WP Cold Weather Glove

The WP Extreme Cold Weather Glove were provided by Sealskinz for review purposes. Sealskinz is “a Great British company”. I love the motto of the company “Necessity – The mother of invention.” Their product line consists of hats, gloves and socks. They were the first company to use a three-layer patented technology in their hats, gloves, and socks.

These gloves have a tab to help when putting on the gloves. There is a strap with hook and loop design to secure the gloves once on your hand. To read more about the Sealskinz WP Cold Weather Glove please click here.




MSR Dyna-lock Explore Backcountry Poles Update

The MSR Dyna-lock Explore Backcountry Poles were provided by for review purposes.


The New England weather is crazier than ever but hiking with the MSR Dyna-lock Explore poles made it easier and safer.  The ground being frozen during this period was constant. The snow cover varied from near bare to about six inches of snow. Most Wednesdays I hike in Harold Parker forest with a group of hikers for at least two hours. With about 35 miles of trails there is a lot of variety. I also did some local walks.

In this update I will relate my experiences with the baskets. There are adjustments to make my hiking more efficient. I show you why I like the locking mechanism of the  Dyna-lock Explore Backcountry Poles. To me there is nothing better than quick and easy, especially when it is 20 F.

I have not seen that much difference in poles weights for most good poles. These poles are a couple ounces lighter than the ones I have used for many years and I can’t tell the difference especially in winter with the extra weight of clothing. To read more please click here.