Acorn Rambler MOC Men’s shoe

Review by Arnie P

Acorn Rambler MOC Men's shoe
Acorn Rambler MOC Men’s shoe

Acorn Rambler MOC Men’s shoe

Acorn provided the Rambler MOC Men’s shoe for review purposes.

I believe this is the first appearance of Acorn on this web site, background about the company follows. It all started in 1973 when David Quinn from Fayatte Maine decided to make a Christmas present by stitching leather to a pair of wool socks The goal was comfort and the birth of the slipper sock. For more details from the Acorn website please click here. The mens Rambler MOC is available in 3 colors: Chocolate, Olive Tweed, and Olive Plaid. The sizes available are: 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

I received a size 9 men’s in color Chocolate.

Meet Rambler, a bit of style while still being rugged

This shoe mixes suede and tweed and doesn’t look back

Lined with 100% wool fleece for ultimate barefoot, no socks needed here

Enjoy the full contoured removable footbed and the unique EarthRoamer cupsole

This guy wants to relax for a while, but still wants to explore the trail behind camp

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