2020 Holiday Lake 50k Race Report

2020 Holiday Lake 50k Race

Holiday Lake 50k++
Holiday Lake – Mile 12 Photo Courtesy of Jay Proffitt Creative Media

The 2020 Holiday Lake 50k Race was a bit of a redemption race for me.  I was registered to run the race in 2018, but I had a case of severe Achilles tendonitis and was unable to run.  So I volunteered for the race and you can read about that experience in my 2018 Holiday Lake Volunteer story.  This year I was able to run the race, and I had a great experience.  To read more please click HERE.

Great Mississippi River Levee Run Report

Great Mississippi River Levee run
The Bling

When I knew I was going to be moving to New Orleans, I immediately began looking for new races to run.  There was a cool race called the Rouge – Orleans and it was a relay from Baton Rouge to New Orleans that was about 130 miles long.  I thought wow what a cool race. Well it was canceled for a variety of reasons and I kinda let that thought of running this race slip away.

After living here a while, I connected with Louisiana Ultra Runners and got to know these crazy runners. I found out that Jerry Sullivan, one of the members used to do the Baton Rouge to New Orleans run as a fat ass run around Thanksgiving every couple years or so.  Well it so happened that this was the year for the Great Mississippi River Levee Run,  a crazy 130 mile fat ass run. Click HERE to continue reading my report.

Trap Pond Marathon Race Report

Trap Pond Marathon
Trap Pond Marathon Finisher Medal

The Trap Pond Half Marathon, Marathon and 50k in Laurel, Delaware is an old school trail race.  No big sponsor arches, or even awards for the top finishers, max of 100 runners total, a cool medal and the chance to run laps around the namesake Trap Pond at the Trap Pond State Park.  I am in the process of running 50 marathon in 50 states before I turn 50, and I had to be in DC for work, and this race was the weekend before I needed to be in the Nation’s Capital.  Read my full report here.