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Final Update Baffin Kiki Boots

Summer is in full swing in Southeast Alaska which means temperatures are finally hitting the 60s and sunny days mixed in with the rain that come from living in a rain forest.  It also means it is time for us to transfer which has limited the number of hikes that Addison and I have taken, but we have gotten in a few more miles on the boots.  Overall the performance is stellar and the boots have become her favorites.  Read on for her final thoughts on the boots.

Baffin KIKI Winter Boots

Baffin KIKI Winter Boots

Winter hike on the Brotherhood Trail Juneau AK

Winter hike on the Brotherhood Trail Juneau AK

Winter hiking is a family affair in the Boyle household and my 10 year old daughter is accompanying me on more of my hikes.  She asked if she could test gear too and 4alloutdoors and Baffin obliged her request.  She is testing the Baffin KIKI Women’s boot this winter.  I am writing on her behalf, but the review is hers.  Read more on her initial thoughts below.

Baffin Inferno without the Disco

Baffin Inferno Top and Bottom Layer

Baffin Inferno Top and Bottom Layer

Layering has been long recommended as a way to maintain appropriate body temperature, no matter what the weather conditions throw at you.  These new Baffin Inferno base layers, might just be the perfect solution!  So far, I’ve found them to be comfortable and ‘just right’ as far as temperature control.  Our weather has been a bit warmer than usual, but I’m sure that’ll change soon – it is Maine after all.  To read the first part of my review, with description, click HERE.

Baffin provided the Inferno Top and Bottom Layers for review purposes.

~ KevinW

Baffin Snow Monster boots

I have received a pair of Baffin Snow Monster boots for review from Baffin.  These are part of their Epic Series of boots, and if taking them out of the box and inspecting them gives me any indication, I know why they are part of the “Epic” series! Click here for full review: Baffin Snow Monster boots

Stay Warm & Stylish with the Baffin Kiki Womens Boots

Review by Susie; Product provided for review by Baffin

Baffin Kiki Womens Boots

Baffin Kiki Womens Boots

Oh my, Baffin, you certainly know a way to a girl’s heart. When I think of Baffin, my mind instantly flashes to the Arctic tundra. Lots of snow. Lots of ice. And really extreme boots. But then Baffin sent their Kiki Womens boots to me to review and my perspective instantly change. “What is this? From what strange world did these stylish yet wicked warm boots come from?!?” I know that seems a bit of an overreaction, but the Kiki boasts all of the warmth that Baffin is known for with a fun faux-fur collar and a toggle closure. They are rated for -40 degrees! With snow in the forecast for here in Maine tomorrow, they arrived just in the nick of time. Check out the first part to my review and be sure to follow 4AllOutdoors.org to see how they handle winter here in New England.

Walking Barefoot? Here’s a Euro for Your Troubles

I received a pair of  PUR Euros for review purposes, and they claim they are like walking barefoot.  I’m going to see about

Walking Barefoot? Here's a Euro for Your Troubles

Euro in Dark Roast, photo courtesy of manufacturer

that!  I’ve always loved going barefoot in the summer, but find that its just not a good idea in some places.  So, these are going to get a work out after hiking or kayaking, especially around the campfire at night.

Seems a bit funny, as my only previous experience with Baffin footwear is a pair of super winter boots.

Read the initial review HERE.