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Final Update: Saxx Kinetic Boxer Briefs

Saxx Kinetic Boxer (photo provided by Saxx)

I’ve been able to wear the Kinetic Boxer Briefs in a variety of activities. Read my update on how they performed on a backpacking trip as well as some final thoughts on them by clicking here.

Kaleb R.

Baffin Inferno without the Disco

Baffin Inferno Top and Bottom Layer

Baffin Inferno Top and Bottom Layer

Layering has been long recommended as a way to maintain appropriate body temperature, no matter what the weather conditions throw at you.  These new Baffin Inferno base layers, might just be the perfect solution!  So far, I’ve found them to be comfortable and ‘just right’ as far as temperature control.  Our weather has been a bit warmer than usual, but I’m sure that’ll change soon – it is Maine after all.  To read the first part of my review, with description, click HERE.

Baffin provided the Inferno Top and Bottom Layers for review purposes.

~ KevinW

Something For Underneath

Being comfortable while outdoors is a big priority for me.  When I hike, or paddle I want to be able to move without restriction, and not have to worry about my clothing.  Many times, especially paddling, I find that the straps of either my base layer, or bra become uncomfortable.  The constant movement of my arms seems to cause chaffing.  Wearing a backpack can make it even worse.

Check out how the Icebreaker is working out here.

Now for Some Havoc…

by Jason B
Winter in Kodiak, Alaska – the perfect place to try out Dakine’s Havoc base layers.  

Read the full review.