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Backpacking 101 Book Review

It would be impossible to cover absolutely everything there is to know about backpacking in a single book.  Perhaps that’s what many of us love about it – the duality of the activity. Backpacking is enjoyable and rewarding because of both its simplicity and complexity. In spite of all of this, I found Backpacking 101 to be great for the the individual who is just considering backpacking as well as for the seasoned backcountry hiker who is eager to learn more. Click here to read my full review. 

Kaleb R.

The Amazing Art Wolfe

By Suzanne Simmons

I recently had the pleasure of being able to get my hands on world-renowned photographer Art Wolfe’s latest book entitled “Travels to the Edge”. The book features a jam packed 158 pages of mind-blowing images from around the world from the glaciers in Alaska to the deserts of the Middle East. I read the entire thing from cover to cover in one leg of a plane ride and it made me wish that my destination was somewhere more adventurous than my home in Maine.

The beginning of the book even features a photo of Art face-to-face with a bunch of crocodiles while he is trying to take a photograph of them. I actually wanted to be him and right there! Later on in the book you can see what the final shot was. Like all of Wolfe’s work, it was absolutely amazing. The vast amount of detail, the position of each crocodile, and the number of them just made me stare in to the image for several minutes. One of the awesome features of this book is that I was able to flip to the back of the book and see exactly what settings and equipment he used to get the shot. That is so useful! Does that mean that I will be able to get that quality shot right away if I have everything on those settings? Probably not. He has spent his life refining his craft and it has payed off for him. But those shot details can help you better understand what he puts in to each photograph and what equipment Wolfe finds dependable enough to take with him in to the field.

I will be sharing more of my favorite photographs in the coming weeks, so check back to hear more about this amazing book. But, if I were you, I’d just cut to the chase and go out and buy it. Believe me. This one is worth it. It is absolutely awesome.