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Keen Liberty Ridge Boot


I received the Keen Liberty Ridge boot for review purposes and immediately was impressed.  Right on the box was a sticker which said “American Built” and that is unusual these days.  Upon initial inspection of the boots, I felt they were very well constructed from various rubber types and a smooth brown leather.  The tread looked quite aggressive, which I liked immediately. Full Review

Winterin’ in Winter Harbor

Sperry Women's Winter Harbor Boot

Sperry Women’s Winter Harbor Boot

Boots that is.  Warm, waterproof, stylish boots. Sperry sent a pair of Women’s Winter Harbor Boots for review purposes.  Now, all I need is some winter weather. Its getting colder in Maine, but no snow yet, and barely any rain.  Read the first part of my review, then check back in about a month for my thoughts on the boots after I get some real use.  Its Maine, it has to snow in December, right??

~Mariah J


Bogs Plimsoll Women’s Boot

Plimsoll by Bogs

Plimsoll by Bogs

Ready for Fall?  I am!  I received the Bogs Plimsoll women’s boot to review, and I was all ready for a typical, wet, Maine fall.  So far, its the driest September in 60 years. I’m actually hoping for some rain very soon, or I may have to go play in the river.  They are the low cut version, coming to a few inches above the top of my ankle.  So far, the boots are comfortable and feel well cushioned.  Read my initial review HERE.

You Won’t Get Stuck in a Bog with these Bogs

Bogs Classic High Handles

Bogs Classic High Handles Women's Boot


Check out the Classic High Handle Bog Boots.  I’m going to see how they handle winter in Maine, now that it is actually winter.  I’m hoping the Bogs can keep my feet warm, dry and comfortable.  I know most people say if your head is warm, your body stays warmer.  For me, if my feet are warm, I stay more comfortable.  Read what I’ve found so far HERE.

Wolverine Compass boots final update

uppers still in good shape after several months

uppers still in good shape after several months

July and August turned out to be very hot and dry and I rode my bike a lot more than I hiked.  However, I did wear the Compass boots several more times, whether hiking for exercise or riding my Crank Forward bike. I also recently got a mountain bike and used the boots on a half dozen of those rides.  I know this may not sound like an ideal way to test a hiking boot but since I ended up walking up so many hills, I actually put in several miles this way.  They have continued to be one the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. To read the rest of the update along with the entire review please click here.


Coy Boy

Wolverine Compass Boot Update

I have now worn these boots enough to make a few observations.  The first one would have to be that these are extremely comfortable boots.  I had absolutely no problems with break in, which I have experienced with several other boots I have worn over the years.  Not that the other boots did not turn out to be very comfortable, but I don’t like having to suffer through weeks of discomfort like I have before.  I also found that despite being pretty big boots, I have not felt clumsy in them. Clumsy might not be the exact word I’m hunting but what I mean is that the boots are similar in feeling to wearing much smaller trail runners.  To read the rest of the update please click here.

Coy Boy