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Update GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Kit

GSI Pinnacle Soloist

GSI Pinnacle Soloist in action in the Black Creek Wilderness

I have used the GSI Pinnacle Soloist Complete System while backpacking in Alabama and Mississippi over the past couple of months, and it has performed admirably.  The system excels at boiling water efficiently, is easy to use, and cleanly fits together in a single clean system.  Read on for my full update.

MSR Pocket Rocket Update

MSR Pocket Rocket

breakfast of coffee and oatmeal

First of all, let me apologize for being so late with this update.  I used the MSR Pocket Rocket on two short overnight trips back in early spring, then got busy with gardening etc and before I knew it, it was too hot to really enjoy hiking. I thought I might get a chance to do some hiking in the mountains where it is slightly cooler but every time I planned something, a family emergency or something would prevent my going.  When I finally got a chance to go on an extended camping trip it was not a backpacking trip, but at this point anything would be better then nothing. To read the rest of the update please click here.

MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set Update

MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set Update

Have you ever used something and thought to yourself, what have I ever done without the MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set?  That is how I feel about this kitchen set. read more

Review by Ron J