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Update: Cébé Wild Sunglasses

Cébé Wild Sunglasses The Cébé Wild Sunglasses have been worn the past month while road and mountain biking. Over the past month I have logged over 800 miles on my road and mountain bikes. Whew, what a month! I have worn the Wild Sunglasses on all my rides, including one night ride.

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By Jenn K.


CEBE Eyemax Sunglasses

CEBE Eyemax Sunglasses CEBE has been in the optics industry since 1892.  They have been creating eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts ever since. The CEBE Eyemax glasses employ Variochrome lenses, which adapt to the ever changing environment outdoors that we love so much.  Their lightweight material means that you hardly know that they are there. Click here to check out my initial review of the CEBE Eyemax sunglasses.

-Kaleb R.