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Update: Chaco Z1 Colorado 25th Anniversary Edition

chaco kayak I have been wearing the Chaco Z1 Colorado’s almost daily since getting them.  I’ve worn them to town, to work, around the house and yard, day hiking, overnight backpacking, kayaking, riding my bike and recumbent, and even to church a few times. I normally don’t wear them to work or church but I suffered through my first ever bout of gout about a month ago and the Chaco Z1 sandals were one of the few shoes I owned that I could wear. to read the rest of my update please click here.

Coy Boy

Chaco Z1 Colorado 25th Anniversary Edition

Chaco Z1 Colorado 25th Anniversary Edition

Chaco Z1 Colorado Ever try to replace a favorite pair of shoes, only to discover that the exact shoe you loved is no longer available. Well if that shoe was the original Chaco Z1 Colorado you are in luck because in celebration of their 25th anniversary, Chaco has released the original Z1 again.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair a little early (for this test) but they should be available in June of 2014.  To read the rest of my initial thoughts on the sandal please click here.

Coy Boy

The End of the Beginning

The end of my time reporting on the Chaco Z1/Unaweep Sandals is here, but it marks what appears to be the beginning of a love affair with these sandals. Over the past three months the Chaco Z1 sandals have really redefined what I think of as a serious outdoor sandal and how they can be used.  Read the rest here….

by Anderson Bowman

Chaco Z1/Unaweep Sandals Update

I think I am in love with a pair of sandals. Strangely enough it is winter time in Texas and I am still wearing the Chaco Z1/Unaweep Sandals and enjoying them.

Read my update here…

–Anderson Bowman