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gosh! Dripo Cold Brew Coffee System

gosh! Dripo

gosh! Dripo Cold Brew Coffee System

Let me start off by saying that my husband is the gear tester in our house. I’m NOT an outdoor person, and my idea of camping out involves room service! But I do like coffee, especially iced, cold-brew coffee, so when the opportunity to review a new cold brew system occurred, I strongly encouraged him to let me review it.  I will be looking at ease of use, flavor of coffee as well as the cost of using the system. Read on for my initial thoughts on the gosh! Dripo Cold Brew Coffee System.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress

img_20161119_091343_fotor The GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress is a double walled, portable, vacuum insulated, French press coffee mug. It is advertised to keep liquids hot or cold for three hours and has a 14 fl. oz. liquid capacity.

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Jenn K.

Hot or Cold, You’re Covered

18oz Wide Mouth HydroFlask

18oz Wide Mouth HydroFlask

Nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning hike, or a cold cup of water on a hot afternoon hike.  The HydroFlask 18 oz  Insulated Wide Mouth Coffee is designed to meet either need.  It has a narrow circumference, making it easy to hold on to.  Advertised to keep liquids hot or cold for ‘hours’, I’m going to be checking out how well it does.  The temperatures will be dropping here in northern New England, so this could come in very handy. Click HERE to read part one of the review of the Insulated Wide Mouth Coffee.

HydroFlask supplied this item for review purposes.

Drip, Drip, Dripping Away with the GSI Java Drip

waiting When the Java Drip first arrived I was a bit put off by its size. I did not think it was something I would carry in my pack, but over the last few months I have really grown attached to this item.

I have gone from worrying about its weight to figuring out ways to make sure I got it in my day pack or lumbar pack.  As the weather grew colder here in Texas, my desire to have hot drinks when outside has increased several fold.

Read more about the GSI Java Drip here.

More Java Drip Fun

Javadripcomplete I have been using the GSI Java Drip quite a bit over the past month or so all over Southeast Texas. I have paid visits to Burroughs Park, W. G. Jones State Forest, Sam Houston National Forest, and Lake Conroe (all north of Houston) while using this item….

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Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee Review

singleservepacket One of the reasons that I am an avowed tea drinker  on most of my hiking trips is because there is no good way to make real coffee. Instant coffee is probably the first thing that all hikers try and I am willing to bet not one single real coffee drinker has found too much satisfaction in instant coffee. It is bad enough that real coffee tastes poorly to my palate, but instant coffee takes the taste to a whole new level of nasty.  It just does not taste bad, it tastes evil.

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