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Chacos ZX/2 Colorado Women’s Sandals

Chacos XZ/2 Colorado Women’s Sandals

Chacos XZ/2 Colorado Sandal Happy 25th Anniversary to Chacos!  In celebration of their anniversary, they’ve reintroduced the retro webbing and logo and included the Colorado outsole for their Chacos ZX/2 Colorado sandal.  Made in America, and as stylish today as 25 years ago.  Who remembers wearing these?  I sure do, and all the good times I had during those times.  I had a bit of a shock, when I realized that not only did I wear my first pair of Chacos 25 years ago, but that today is my oldest son’s 25th birthday.  1989 was a very good year for me.

I’ll be reviewing the Chacos over the next few months while hiking, walking and paddling.  I’m sure they’ll get plenty of use in a lot of different situations, since so far, they are very comfortable and easy to wear.  Read on to hear my first impressions and get the details on the sandals and other ways they are celebrating.

Chacos provided these sandals for review purposes.


Chaco Z1 Colorado 25th Anniversary Edition

Chaco Z1 Colorado 25th Anniversary Edition

Chaco Z1 Colorado Ever try to replace a favorite pair of shoes, only to discover that the exact shoe you loved is no longer available. Well if that shoe was the original Chaco Z1 Colorado you are in luck because in celebration of their 25th anniversary, Chaco has released the original Z1 again.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair a little early (for this test) but they should be available in June of 2014.  To read the rest of my initial thoughts on the sandal please click here.

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