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Final Update Swiftwick Aspire Compression Socks

Swiftwick Aspire Compression Socks

My daughter and I at the start of our backpacking trip to the Walls of Jericho in north Alabama.

Over 100 miles of hiking and hours of wearing the Aspire socks at work have shown me these socks are the real deal.  The socks are comfortable with a nice level of compression.  The socks have also proven to be durable even after high mileage from long summer running to backpacking in California and Alabama.  Click HERE for my final thoughts on these Swiftwick Aspire Socks.

Initial thoughts on the Swiftwick Aspire Twelve Socks

Swiftwick Aspire Twelve

Swiftwick Aspire Twelve Socks – photo courtesy of the Swiftwick website

It seems like everyone makes compression socks today. However a nagging Achilles injury and perpetually tight calves means my physical therapist and doctors recommend that I wear compression while exercising. Enter Swiftwick – they make the Aspire 12, an above the calf performance compression sock.  I will be reviewing these socks over the next few months to see how they hold up with the heat and sweat of summer in the South.  Click HERE for my initial thoughts.

Injinji Ultra Compression Socks – first look

Injinji Ultra Compression

Injinji Ultra Compression Socks – Clark Shelf, Juneau Alaska

I have been dabbling with calve compression sleeves for the past few years while running marathons and ultramarathons.  I am not sure that I have empirical data, but since I started using the calve sleeves, I have had better muscle recovery and no calve cramping while racing.  The only challenge was that I needed to wear a compression sleeve and running socks.  Injinji has come out with a compression sock that I hope can do both.  I will be reviewing the Injinji Ultra Compression OTC socks over the next few months.  Read on for my initial thoughts.

Final Update on the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks

CEP Another month has gone by and this is my final update on the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks.

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Jenn K.

Update on the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks

CEP Over the past month the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks have been worn about four days a week. I have been wearing them to work (which I am on my feet most of the day), on the bike, and equally alternating between the two color combinations (they are the same exact socks).

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Jenn K.

Check out these compression socks.

compression socks Check out the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks. They are high quality, fit great, and are comfortable.

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Jenn K.