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Running with the Smartwool PhD Run Light Elite Socks

Review by Susie; Product provided for review by Smartwool

Review of the Smartwool Women's PhD® Run Light Elite Kneehigh Socks

Review of the Smartwool Women’s PhD® Run Light Elite Kneehigh Socks

I started running at the beginning of the year when one of my girlfriends urge(urged) me to sign up for a 5K race series. Every week I was intrigued by everyone wearing compression socks and sleeves. Smartwool asked me to try out their Women’s PhD® Run Light Elite Kneehigh Socks and naturally I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve known the Smartwool brand for years and they have a reputation for high quality merino wool apparel. Running gear, however, was not on my radar when I thought of Smartwool. I have been wearing the Women’s PhD® Run Light Elite Kneehigh Socks in Aubergine/Hibiscus for about a week now including my first 5 miles race and several training runs and other workouts. So, the question is, should you add Smartwool to your running gear radar? Check out the first segment of my review and be sure to follow 4AllOutdoors.org to see how they fair in the long run. (Yes, pun intended.)

Update: 2XU Women’s Elite Compression Socks and Women’s Compression Socks for Recovery

Compression Socks for Recovery Over the past month the 2XU Compression Socks for Recovery have been used after training for consecutive days, when my calves felt tender, or after my longer training rides. I also wore them on a ride as my legs were chilled as I forgot my leg warmers and I was away from home. The Race Compression Socks have been worn during some training rides, on a metric century, and on two mountain bike night rides. They have also been worn after my rides for continued compression.

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By Jenn K.

Looking for some compression socks?

compression socks The socks I am reviewing are manufactured by 2XU (Human Performance Multiplied). I will be reviewing both the Women’s Elite Compression Socks and the Women’s Compression Socks for Recovery.

2XU uses a collection of 3 different types of compression fabrics each geared towards different performance benefits. All these fabrics have high gauge elastomeric yarns, superior medical grade circular knit structure to allow 360 degree stretch, greater flexibility, unsurpassed power and durability.

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By Jenn K.