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Final Caldera Keg – H Cook System Update

After three months I have learned some new lessons about trail cooking and trusting a simple, yet well constructed cook system on the trail. It has been a cold and nasty winter in Texas, but the Caldera Keg – H Cook System has opened my eyes to being more efficient about cooking

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by Anderson Bowman

Return of the GearPod


The first thing I did before throwing the GearPods Backcountry into the lumbar pack that I have been using was to pull the Survival CS tube apart and go through the contents again. The two sil-nylon stuff sacks inside the tube were full of stuff. The orange bag contained the survival gear and the brown/black sack contained the stove portion.  Both of these small sacks stuffed inside the metal GearPods cup and the cup slide snugly into the GearPods tube.  Read the rest of the report here

There is Keg in my Pack


My first cooking encounter with Keg H cooking system was on a slightly windy night with the temperatures around 55 F.  I filled the stove with 40 ml of denatured alcohol (the maximum amount suggested by the instructions) and got ready to cook what I had originally hoped would be an “add boiling water to the bag” meal.  After reading the instructions I realized that I was out of luck and was actually going to have cook in the pot and hope it went well. As an alcohol stove vet I know that cooking for any length of time with one can be a gamble.

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