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Update GSI Glacier Stainless Camper

Glacier Stainless Camper

Eggs and hot water for coffee on the stove.

I have been able to use the GSI Glacier Stainless Camper a couple of times since my initial review. I’ve used it to prepare and eat multiple meals (breakfast and supper). Click here to read my initial update and thoughts on the cook set.

Kaleb R.

MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set Update

MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set Update

Have you ever used something and thought to yourself, what have I ever done without the MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set?  That is how I feel about this kitchen set. read more

Review by Ron J


Final Caldera Keg – H Cook System Update

After three months I have learned some new lessons about trail cooking and trusting a simple, yet well constructed cook system on the trail. It has been a cold and nasty winter in Texas, but the Caldera Keg – H Cook System has opened my eyes to being more efficient about cooking

Read more here….

by Anderson Bowman

Drip, Drip, Dripping Away with the GSI Java Drip

waiting When the Java Drip first arrived I was a bit put off by its size. I did not think it was something I would carry in my pack, but over the last few months I have really grown attached to this item.

I have gone from worrying about its weight to figuring out ways to make sure I got it in my day pack or lumbar pack.  As the weather grew colder here in Texas, my desire to have hot drinks when outside has increased several fold.

Read more about the GSI Java Drip here.

There is Keg in my Pack


My first cooking encounter with Keg H cooking system was on a slightly windy night with the temperatures around 55 F.  I filled the stove with 40 ml of denatured alcohol (the maximum amount suggested by the instructions) and got ready to cook what I had originally hoped would be an “add boiling water to the bag” meal.  After reading the instructions I realized that I was out of luck and was actually going to have cook in the pot and hope it went well. As an alcohol stove vet I know that cooking for any length of time with one can be a gamble.

Read more about my use of the Trail Designs Caldera Keg – H Cook System

Trail Designs Caldera Keg – H Cook System Has Arrived

KegHsystem I have used all types of alcohol stoves, but this is my first time to use a complete alcohol stove based cook system.  If you want to see more about my first encounter with the Trail Designs Caldera Keg – H Cook System, join me here….