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Update: Coros LINX helmet

The Coros Linx smart cycling helmet is working great.  I was a little skeptical at first but after using it for over 100 miles I find myself looking forward to using my helmet for a change.  The app part is also improved with a couple of much needed recent updates.  To read the rest of the update please click here.

Coy Boy

Detours Pannier Update

Check out the updated review of the Detour Pannier review – its covered many  Maine miles to and from summer camp.  Its still going, read more HERE about how its holding up.

Detours Pannier

Detours Pannier

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier

Ready to haul your laptop, notebooks and change of clothes, the Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier is an urban commuter’s dream. It’s no coincidence that we named it after the People’s Republic of Fremont — home of the annual Summer Solstice Parade, a giant Detours Fremonster Flap Pannier Lenin statue, and one of the country’s first bike counters. Throw it over your shoulder or use the simple clips to attach it to your rack. The front pocket is perfect for a U-lock, and the zippered flap design plus water-repellent fabrics provide an extra bit of resistance to the elements.  Read on to find out more….

Review by Chris D    Gear provided for review purposes.

Fox River Trail and Triathlon Socks

The weather is warm and you already have your bike out.  Do you have the right socks for the endless miles of trail and pavement?  The Fox River Triathlon and Trail socks were designed for activities like mountain and road biking in mind.  I will be testing four pairs of these socks over the next three months mainly while on my mountain bike and road bike.  Click here to see my initial review of the socks.

-Kaleb R.

Tech4O Discover GPS Watch: FINAL UPDATE

I’ve used the Discover GPS in the gym, on the trail running, hiking, and even road biking over the past month. I’ve learned a few new things about the watch since my last update and have made some final overall conclusions about the watch and all of my experiences with it. Click here to and scroll to the bottom of the page to see my final update of the Tech4O Discover GPS watch.

-Kaleb R.

Why wear a cycling helmet?

Ready to roll Aliso Woods, California with KT Tape.
Ready to roll in Aliso Woods, California.

I may look silly, but I am protecting the most vital organ of my body.

Check out my thoughts here.

Jenn K.