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Update on our HydroFlask review

Check out the update for the 18 oz HydroFlask.  Its been keeping my food and drinks warm while I wait for winter to get to Northern New England.  I’m enjoying the nice weather, but its made reviewing some things a bit interesting.  Read what I’ve found out so far HERE.

The HydroFlask was supplied for review purposes.

Ola Loa

Ola Loa Sport

Ola Loa Sport Mango Tangerine

By Suzanne

I know that you’ve seen TONS of different energy drinks and mixes in stores lately. But, really, what do they give you? More often than not the ingredients list and nutritional info is just plain scary (and hard to read). So I’ve normally just stuck with water and fruit juice. But then Ola Loa Sport showed up in my mail box. And the ingredients list is filled with things I know and can pronounce. And it’s ALL NATURAL! Yahoo! Bring on the recovery!

Click here to learn more about my first taste of Ola Loa.