Final Look – EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey Tumbler

Final Look - EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey Tumbler
Lunch time coffee break on the AT

The EcoVessel Wine and Whiskey tumbler is a great little cup – it performs as advertised!

Since my last update, I have used the EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey while on three overnight backpacking trips on the AT in Maryland;  for coffee on two long dayhiking trips on the Maryland AT; and of course for hot and cold beverages while at home. Temperatures ranged from 28 F at Pine Knob Shelter on the AT to the mid 50’s during one of my lunch coffee breaks on a day hike.

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EcoVessel Boulder Water Bottle 20 oz

EcoVessel Boulder Water Bottle

Some like it hot, some like it cold…

The EcoVessel Boulder water bottle arrived yesterday, while I was nursing my first cold of the season. Perfect day to check it out and think about hot tea and cold lemon water. It is a 20 oz. TriMax insulated bottle.  After unpacking it, I took a couple pictures, rinsed it out and filled it with hot tap water.  I put the tops back on, and let it sit overnight.  I was happy to feel the water the next morning (14 hours later) and find it was still very warm.  This morning, I put in a couple slices of lemon and filled it with cold water.  I’m sipping it as I type this up, and the water is still cold and very refreshing.  Next, I’ll be putting in a tea bag and hot water, hoping the lemon adds some flavor as I drink the tea.

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