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Tech4O Discover GPS Watch

Tech4O Discover GPS Watch Looking for a multipurpose watch to enhance your workouts on the trail, the road, and even on the water? The Tech4O Discover GPS does a little bit of everything.  Once the watch is connected to its satellites, you can monitor your pace, your distance, speed, and you can even set waypoints to keep you on track.  Want to record data on all of your workouts?  The Discover GPS comes with software to do just that. Tech4O has packed a huge variety of features into the comparatively small package.  Check out my initial review on the watch and its software here.

Kaleb R.

Are you Slackin’? Want to?

By Chris O


Fun for all ages!

Gibbon Slackline “Funline”

See the website at http://www.gibbonslacklines.com/

Check out the newest craze in exercise and fun!  Read the initial review HERE.