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Final update on the Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Fedora Hat

organic fedora This will be my final reporting on the Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Fedora Hat and over the last six weeks I have not changed my thoughts on this hat. I have continued to wear it at the beach and around town after.

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Jenn K. 

Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Fedora Hat

“The spirit of Chaos is about having unique style. Inspired by the four corners of the world. Chaos style is infinite, untameable, you cannot describe it. Because it’s where fashion and personal spirit mix.” –per the manufacturer’s garment hangtag.

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Jenn K.

The Tilley Fedora

Report by Coy Starnes
Tilley Fedora

The Tilley Fedora on the author


I have been a long time fan of the Fedora hat, long before the Indiana Jones movies made them so popular in America. I remember at a very young age looking at pictures of outdoorsman wearing this style of hat and in particular Fred Bear. So it is no surprise that I jumped at the chance to test a Fedora from a hat maker with a long history of making fine outdoor hats.  However, this Fedora is the first hat from Tilley using the “age old tradition of blocking hats using presses and molds to shape the hat into a beautifully shaped fedora with heat and steam.”

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