Be Prepared for Anything with Coleman Repellent and First Aid Outdoor Products

Reviewed by Susie, Coleman Repellent Products and Coleman First Aid Products provided by Coleman for the purpose of this review

Coleman Outdoor Products If you are like me, you grew up with a trusty Coleman stove and/or lantern every time you had outdoor activities planned. You had them because they lasted forever (I know because mine are still going all these years later). But did you know that Coleman also makes a wide range of repellent and first aid products? No? Me neither! So I was super excited to receive this HUGE set of Coleman Repellent and First Aid Outdoor Products from Coleman from their Coleman Repellent Products and Coleman First Aid Products lineup to review. From insect repellent (both with and without DEET) to gear insect repellent to super compact first aid kits, they have something for everything that you may need for your outdoor activities. Click here to check out the first chapter of my review of these awesome Coleman Repellent and First Aid Outdoor Products and be sure to follow along to read all about them as I try it all out.