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First Look at the OLIGHT M1T Raider Flashlight

M1T Raider Flashlight

OLIGHT M1T Raider Flashlight

OLIGHT is a Chinese company that makes fine lighting products with multiple uses from everyday to hunting and tactical applications.  They state that their mission is to provide quality illumination products to everyone.  Their website is laid out well giving the user the ability to see lights based on their intended use.  I will be reviewing their newly released M1T Raider flashlight.  You can read my full review here.

Olight I1R EOS Flashlight

Olight I1R EOS Flashlight

Every Christmas, for the past 10 or so years, I have asked for the same thing: a flashlight and/or a pocket knife. Why? Because there is almost always a chance that every day that I will need to use one of them. My first thought when I got my hands on the flashlight was about just how small and compact it was. At half the size of a tube of lip balm, this light takes up minimal space and packs a big punch. Click here to read my initial impressions of the Olight I1R EOS Flashlight.

Kaleb R.

Final Look – RunLites Sling II

Run Lites

Short pause during a swamp run at night

I used the RunLites Sling II on two significant night trail runs since my last update, and I can say that they performed well.  Though I was skeptical, I found that they were good for running on non-technical trails and had a burn time of around 7 hours on low.  Read on for my complete final review.

That Little Light of Mine

That Little Light of Mine

Ravpower Powersource flashlight

Ravpower Powersource flashlight

Is still shining!  Check out the update to the RAV Powersource flashlight/power source!  Sometimes its difficult to do one thing well – Ravpower manages to do two things very well!  I’m always anxious to see how durable the gear I review is – but I don’t ‘try’ to break it.  The Ravpower doesn’t believe that.  I’ve dropped it quite a bit, and I’m not sure why. It isn’t particularly slippery, but it seems I always have my hands full while trying to use it.  Thankfully, its still working! Check out the updated review HERE.

Going Rogue, with the Icon Rogue 2 Flashlight

When the Icon Rogue 2 Flashlight arrived I was standing there staring at it. The cool factor on this thing is off the chart and my only fear was with the fact that I had to see if it was useful as it was cool looking.  Read more here…

by Anderson Bowman
April 28, 2010