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Initial thoughts on the Helle Bleja Knife

Initial thoughts on the Helle Bleja Knife

Helle Bleja Knife

Knives are tools.  They can be used to cut open packaging, sharpen a firestick or cut steak at dinner. Helle is a Norwegian knife company that creates amazing knives, and I am fortunate enough to be reviewing their Bleja knife.  It is one of two folding knives that they make. Click HERE to read the rest of my initial thoughts on this sweet knife.

Benchmade Griptillian 551H20 final update

cutting steak coy

One of the more fun uses of the 551H20

The Benchmade 551H2O has continued to serve me well.  I have continued to carry it daily, whether at work, at home or out hiking.  Most duties have continued to be fairly typical knife duties but I carried it on a recent 3 day canoe trip on Black Creek in southern Mississippi and used it for some pretty heavy duty work.  On the first night I used  the knife for clearing a trail up to our campsite.  I spent about 30 minutes clearing the trail of all briers and small saplings, and even though I did not have to cut anything major, I did want to get the trail very clear because one member of our party was on crutches.  This meant cutting everything at ground level and even slightly below. To read the rest up the update along with the entire review please click here.

Coy Boy

Update: Benchmade 551H20 Griptilian

BM551H20 side view with clip showing

Benchmade 551H20 side view with clip showing

I have been carrying the Benchmade 551H20 Griptilian almost daily for the past month and a half. I have used it for a lot of menial chores such as peeling an apple, opening boxes, sharpening pencils or cleaning under my fingernails. And no, I did not wash it after cleaning under my finger nails and later peeling an apple, but I haven’t noticed any serious health issues from the practice. To read the rest of the update please click here.

Coy Boy

Benchmade 950BK Osborne Rift Axis

Review by Arnie P

950BK with case

950BK with case

The Benchmade 950BK folding knife is made in the USA and is an Osborne design. This knife is in the Black class family which is described on the web site as: “Our Black Class products are designed, developed and tested for extreme duty.”
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