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Update: HydroFlask

Check out the update for the 18 oz HydroFlask.  Its been keeping my food and drinks warm while I wait for winter to get to Northern New England.  I’m enjoying the nice weather, but its made reviewing some things a bit interesting.  Read what I’ve found out so far HERE.

The HydroFlask was supplied for review purposes.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Do you take your pet hiking with you?  If its a dog, or a cat (does anyone hike with a cat?) you might want to check out The Honest Kitchen.  They make dehydrated – read ‘lightweight’ pet foods.  I ordered a sample, and want to share what Roxie and I found. Read my review HERE.

Trail Food Challenge- Breakfast Polenta

April 20, 2010
by Andy Bowman

A few months ago I challenged myself to start trying to create, copy, or use recipes to make my own trail meals. There are plenty of websites and cook books dedicated to this hobby, but I wanted to see just what happens when someone like me tries to make their own food. Anyone can read a cookbook, but how many of us can really use it or its ideas to create palatable and easy to make trail food? Well, my first recipe is up and while I like it, it may not be the thing for you, but you can always give it a try. Breakfast Polenta ala Andy my first creation and I hope you enjoy.

Need a Snack on the Go?

~ Leesa

What do you look for in a snack bar?   I’ll be reviewing some different bars and reporting back on my experiences.  The first part is on the new Fruition bars from PROBAR.    Please join me in the forum to talk about your food use while having fun outdoors.  

Read the review

Honey Stinger Protein Bar and Organic Energy Chews

by: Dave D’Abate

Honey Stinger recently sent me a bunch of their new, smaller 10g Protein bars and their Organic Energy Chews. The new 10g size of their popular 20g bar is ideal as a delicious meal-replacement snack while enjoying any activity and most people will agree that for some unknown reason, smaller sized bars taste better than their larger counterparts. While everyone has their own preference of taste, I’ve had my share of energy and protein bars over the years and I can easily say these Honey Stinger flavor offerings are the tastiest I’ve ever had.

Read the rest of the review here.

Need some energy?

PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts

PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts

Don’t run on empty during outdoor activities. Read about my latest addition to my nutrition line.

Jenn K.