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LOWA goes to Iceland

I just got back from an amazing trip to Iceland.  We camped and hiked for 6 days, and I am already thinking about how soon I could go back!  We walked, hiked and climbed a LOT. I was fortunate to be reviewing a pair of LOWA Aerox GTX Surrounds while there.  Read about how they worked out HERE.


LOWA Aerox GTX® Surround Women’s shoe

Just Arrived!

I’m really looking forward to doing some hiking in Iceland in 10 days!  Coming with me on my hikes will be the LOWA Aerox GTX Surround Women’s multi-use shoe.   We (my daughter and I) plan on camping and hiking while there, with some kayaking thrown in.  These LOWA s are definitely lightweight, so lets see how they do on the hikes.  Read more about them HERE

LOWA Aerox GTX shoes

Aerox GTX® Surround Ws








These shoes were received for review purposes.

Acorn Rambler MOC Men’s shoe

Review by Arnie P

Acorn Rambler MOC Men's shoe A last Look

Acorn Rambler MOC Men’s shoe A last Look

Acorn Rambler MOC Men’s shoe provided the for review purposes.

Acorn Rambler MOC Men’s shoe

The Acorn Rambler MOC Men’s shoe is now my inside shoe to wear. No more cold spots for my feet in the house. During this period, I have worn these shoes every day in the house and have picked up the mail from the street side mailbox. Weather permitting, I have walked to my daughter’s house about 300 feet away or to the compost in our backyard.

To read more please click HERE.

Lowa San Francisco GTX

Lowa San Francisco GTX

Lowa San Francisco GTX

When I received the Lowa San Francisco GTX shoe and pulled them out of the box I was immediately impressed with the style and look of the shoe. I was looking for a casual, comfortable, everyday shoe. I have worn them every day for most of the day since I received them and so far I have not been disappointed. Read more

The Lowa San Francisco  GTX was provided for review purposes.

Review by Ron J


The TOPO MT shoe



The TOPO Shoe arrived just as I was getting ready to take a walk.  That is a good thing, since my plan has been to walk more, in order to get in shape for some longer distance hiking.  Nothing like a new pair of shoes to motivate me!  My first walk in the MTs was a 3 mile walk with my dog.  It was a bit chilly at only 44F and windy.  The shoes were ok since I had warm socks on I’m not sure how warm my feet would have been with just thin socks.  The reason I mention this is because they are very lightweight.  They feel sturdy enough as far as support goes, they are just surprisingly lightweight.  After our walk I was really surprised to find that my first thought was not to take off my shoes as it often is.  I wore them until I showered later on, and my feet did not feel tired, cramped or sweaty.  I’ve worn them around town while doing errands and on a few other short walks. This coming weekend starts some more serious walking.  Part of the plan is to wear them while hiking on trails in the near future.  Click HERE to read more about my initial impressions of the TOPO MT Shoe.

The Saucony Women’s Progrid Razor Keeps Me Dry

By Suzanne

Saucony Women’s Progrid Razor

Saucony Women’s Progrid Razor

I have been a Saucony loved for as long as I can remember. My mom used to buy them for me when I was growing up because she knew that they were a high quality sneaker with a reasonable price tag. I’ve tried other brands of running shoes now that I’m on a quest to get fit, but nothing seems to come close to the fit and feel of Saucony on my feet. One of their newest designs to hit the market is the Progrid Razor, which is the perfect shoe to be training in now that winter is underway here in Maine. When other shoes slip or lead you to have wet feet when running in incliment weather, the Progrid Razor keeps your feet warm and dry. I recently took them up Pleasant Mountain, a small peak nearby, to see how they would handle the mud, ice, and dusting of snow that the mountains have been blessed with so far this year. To read my full trail report, click on this link. To read just about the Saucony Women’s Progrid Razor and hear more about my thoughts on this awesome addition to the Saucony lineup, click here.