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Initial thoughts on the Epson ProSense 57 GPS Running Watch

GPS enabled watches are everywhere now. Epson has entered the market with a line that includes four watches with a price point from $99 to $399.  I will be reviewing the ProSense 57 GPS Running Watch over the next couple of months.

ProSense 57

Epson ProSense 57 GPS Running Watch

My goal is to understand the functions that separates Epson watches from their competitors while continuing to accurately track my running and hiking.   You can read my initial thoughts on the ProSense 57 HERE

Tech4O Discover GPS Watch: FINAL UPDATE

I’ve used the Discover GPS in the gym, on the trail running, hiking, and even road biking over the past month. I’ve learned a few new things about the watch since my last update and have made some final overall conclusions about the watch and all of my experiences with it. Click here to and scroll to the bottom of the page to see my final update of the Tech4O Discover GPS watch.

-Kaleb R.

Tech4O Discover GPS Update

I’ve spent a month with this satellite tracking, heart monitoring, distance measuring, pace setting, way point directing device and have made some observations that I want to share with you.  Click here to see my latest update on the Tech4O Discover GPS watch.


Tech4O Discover GPS Watch

Looking for a multipurpose watch to enhance your workouts on the trail, the road, and even on the water? The Tech4O Discover GPS does a little bit of everything.  Once the watch is connected to its satellites, you can monitor your pace, your distance, speed, and you can even set waypoints to keep you on track.  Want to record data on all of your workouts?  The Discover GPS comes with software to do just that. Tech4O has packed a huge variety of features into the comparatively small package.  Check out my initial review on the watch and its software here.

Kaleb R.

On the Road Again…

I’ve updated my Magellan Car Kit and RoadMate iPhone App review.

Opening screen

Opening screen, Magellan RoadMate iPhone App

I’ve had some opportunities to use the App both to find a trailhead, and to find my way around Atlanta.  I love the south, but driving around Atlanta is not fun.  I’ve been lost one too many times trying to get out of the airport.  The App, and the Car Kit are a great combination, with some minor things to keep in mind.  Check it out HERE I’d love to hear what others use for navigation, if you’d care to leave a comment.


Ever Feel Lost?


Is it because you are?  I’ve become lost on my way to the trailhead, leaving different airports, on the way to lacrosse fields around the state, on streets with no names and mostly any time I have to drive in a city.  Fumbling around with a GPS, or the maps on my phone

Side View of Premium Car Kit

Side View of Premium Car Kit from magellangps.com

is a bother, and sometimes too distracting while driving.    The Magellan Premium Car Kit intends to be the solution to that problem.  When paired with Magellan’s RoadMate iPhone app, it has the potential to really keeps us all on the right road!

Read the initial part of the review HERE