Final Update: Hiker Hunger Outfitters Hammock Set

Hiker Hunger Outfitters I have enjoyed testing the Hiker Hunger Outfitters Hammock Set.  I have been pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable the hammock is.  This is mostly due to the fact that it is not only a wide hammock but much longer than most typical hammocks of this type.  I don’t have a lot of new information about the hammock so in my final update I just describe how the weather effected my hammock setup.  You can read all the details by clicking here.

Coy Boy

Hiker Hunger Outfitters Hammock Set

Hiker Hunger Outfitters hammock set Follow along as I review the Hiker Hunger Outfitters Hammock Set which consists of an 11 foot hammock along with the needed carabiners and a set of tree friendly straps.  And all for a very reasonable price of around $40.   I have already slept in the hammock for one night and was very pleased with how comfortable it was.  Of course I added my own insulation and tarp as the set alone doesn’t have everything needed for a night in the wild.  I eventually plan to add a bug net to make it a formidable overnight hammock in the deep southern woods I frequent.  To read more on my initial thoughts please click here.


Coy Boy

2020 NEHHA Winter Hammock Hang

Intro into a winter hammock hang!

Ever wonder what a “hammock hang” is all about? How about a WINTER hammock hang? Well, us hardcore hammock campers do just that come winter time.  We don’t really have a camping “season” so to speak.  Many of us will sleep outside in our properly insulated hammocks regardless of the weather!  To read about our North East Hammock Hangers Association 2020 Winter Hammock Hang, click HERE

Warbonnet Thunderfly

Warbonnet Thunderfly I am usually so busy writing reviews of gear sent to me that I don’t find the time to write a review of gear I bought.  However, I have been so impressed with the Warbonnet Thunderfly that I carved out the necessary time.  Lets just say I really like this hammock fly.  But to read all about it click here.

Coy Boy

Intro to Hammock Camping

First thing, I’ll give a little personal history in our dive into hammock camping.  2-3 years ago I borrowed a Hennessy Hammock from a friend to try out in our back yard.  It was a relatively sleepless night as being one who has spent their whole life sleeping in a tent on the {shudder} ground, I kept thinking I was going to wake up to a deer, moose, or bear staring at me through my bug net!

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