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Black Diamond Iota LED Headlamp

The Iota packs a punch in a small package with a maximum light output of 150 lumens and a minimum of 4 lumens. The manufacturer indicates on the packaging that this is “a tiny rechargeable light for morning runs or post-work scrambles”.

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By Jenn K.

0 Dark 30

COAST FL70 Headlamp

COAST FL70 Headlamp

Not sure how many of you are as frustrated as I am (and sleepy) because it gets dark so early, and stays dark so long.  Here in Maine, its pitch dark by 4:30 pm, and still dark at 7:00 am.  Not only does this cut into my outdoor time, it makes doing anything outdoors more difficult.  Have you ever walked a mostly black dog in the dark?  She’s off leash and hard to spot, that’s for sure.  Thankfully, the COAST FL70 Headlamp has rescued me from stumbling around in the dark. I wear it while walking the dogs, while trying to see into dark spaces and keep it with me while driving in bad weather.

Check out the first part of my review HERE, and see what is so special about this light!   The COAST FL70 was provided for review purposes.

It Sure is Dark Out There

Petzl Tikka LED headlamp

Petzl Tikka LED headlamp

Now that the clocks have been adjusted, its getting dark awful early on the east coast.  How about where you are?  By 4:30 or so, its too dark to be out with out some type of light.  Especially if you are looking for coyote, or they are looking for you…  Check out the first part of the review of the Petzl Tikka Headlamp.

Petzl provided this headlamp for review purposes.

Princeton Tec Byte Headlamp

A lightweight headlamp that packs a punch…

Image Courtesy of princetontec.com

I have used many different types of headlamps and many of them seem to utilize very similar designs.  The Princeton Tec Byte headlamp didn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it created the Byte, but it definitely has some designs aspects that set it apart from the competition.

Click here for my first review of the Princeton Tec Byte headlamp.

-Kaleb R.

A Bright Idea…

~ Leesa

I recently received a Petzl CORE rechargeable battery for review purposes.  I had seen a demonstration at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in August, and was very intrigued.

Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery for the TIKKA2 - ZIPKA2 line of headlamps

CORE Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery for the TIKKA2 - ZIPKA2 line of headlamps

The charger is programmable to control brightness and battery life.   This little piece of technology is easy to use, but may be a bit harder to explain.  I plan on using it, and sharing actual usage information, and screen shots to illustrate how it works.

CORE Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery for the TIKKA2 – ZIPKA2 line of headlamps.

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Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp – Update

Review by Arnie

Continued Use:  November 2009

I have gone on a few solo backpacking trips and have been able to use the Remix on these trips.  I found the Remix very handy in pitching a tent in low light conditions. This does not require a lot of light but it makes it a lot easier if the light is exactly where you need it.

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