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High Sierra Pathway 70L Pack – Initial Thoughts

High Sierra Pathway 70L

High Sierra Pathway 70L – photo courtesy of High Sierra

One of the most essential pieces of any backpacking kit is the actual backpack that I am using.  This is a make or break piece of equipment. I was fortunate enough to be selected to review High Sierra’s new Pathway 70L pack over the next several months. I plan on using it backpacking in the Southeastern United States including trails in Mississippi and Alabama as the seasons change from spring into summer.  Read on for my initial thoughts on the Pathway 70L backpack.

High Sierra Tokopah 6.0 hydration pack

High Sierra Tokopah 6.0 I will be reviewing the High Sierra Tokopah 6.0 hydrationpack for the next few months.  It features a 2 L reservoir and a handy place to store a helmet.  There is enough room in the pack for a rain jacket and other essential gear I might need on a bike ride or day hike. To read my initial thoughts please click here.

Coy Boy

High Sierra’s Vivian Messenger Bag

High Sierra's Vivian

High Sierra's Vivian in Pattern #1115

By Suzanne

I am a self proclaimed bag lady. Not the kind that has a shopping cart to hold my most precious belongings. I’m talking about the kind whose husband shutters whenever a purse aisle is nearby. Or cringes when I wander towards the backpack area. I don’t know what it is. But I am obsessed with these things that can hold my stuff.

So, when High Sierra sent me their Vivian messenger bag for review, I was absolutely pumped. As soon as I opened the box, I was immediately struck by just how good looking the Vivian is. I chose pattern #1115, which is a bright, vibrant plaid. Given that I am a high school and college professor by day, it fits in great with my lifestyle and where I am going to be using it the most.

Want to read more? Check out the rest of my initial review of the Vivian by going here.

Off We Go…

With a new High Sierra Tank bag!  Read about some of our adventures with this multi-purpose bag.

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