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Final Update on the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks

CEP Another month has gone by and this is my final update on the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks.

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Jenn K.

Update on the Zubits Magnetic Shoe Closures

zubits A month has gone by since I received the Zubits.  I will say that I am totally impressed with this product and so are the many people that I have shown this product to.

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Jenn K. 

Icebreaker GT Run short sleeve shirt

Review by Arnie P

Icebreaker GT Run

at the gym in my Icebreaker GT

The GT Run short sleeve shirt was provided by Icebreaker for review purposes.

The GT Run is an all wool crew neck shirt that is very light and thin.  The GT is designed to be a base layer which provides an initial layer of insulation.  I had requested an XL since I do not like my clothes too tight.  I received a Large which turned out to be a perfect fit.  I have lost some 20 pounds since last year and may need to consider my size more carefully when ordering.  I will go more into product details as my report progresses.

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A last look at Chaco Tedinho low cut shoes

Review by Arnie P

Chaco Tedinho

a last look at the Tedinho low cut shoes

If I had to live with just one pair of shoes, I can’t think of a better shoe than the Chaco Tedinho low cut shoe.  I have found the Tedinho to be a multi purpose shoe and have been wearing them almost every day.  To read more.