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Bogs Copperhead Final Update

Bogs Copperhead Final Update

author wading across the creek in the holler behind my house

I have contained to wear the Bogs Copperhead boots quite a bit over the past month and a half, mostly while dayhiking and on one kayaking trip.  I still have not ran across any snakes.  I also wore them several more times while working on clearing some brush in an overgrown wooded area.  The only real problem I have experienced is that it has been unseasonably warm during this time.  February is normally our coldest month, but since my last update in mid February it has not even gotten below freezing, and many days have seen a high in the upper 70s to low 80s F.  To read the rest of the update please click here.

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Bogs Copperhead Snakeboots Update

Bogs Copperhead Snakeboots Update

Author wading a small stream in the Bogs Copperhead boots

Now the I have had these Bogs Copperhead boots a month and a half I have had plenty of opportunities to wear them during a variety of activities and under various conditions.  What hes emerged is that these are some serious winter boots.  Where they really shine is during cold and wet conditions.  I have several trails that I either walk or ride my mountain bike on. This past January proved to be one of the warmest in recent history but also one of the wettest.  This meant I had reasonable temperatures to ride but the trails were so wet I decided I’d get my exercise by walking them rather than riding.   The trial crosses several small streams.  Most are not real deep but one is at least a foot deep after weeks of rainy weather and too wide to just jump across.  In the past when wearing regular tennis shoes or even my waterproof New Balance trail runners I would need to find a suitable place to cross or get my feet soaked.  With the Copperhead boots I was able to just go straight on across. To read the rest of the update along with the rest of the review please click here.

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Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity Update

Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity

Since my initial review, I have had many opportunities to wear the Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity trail running shoes. I have worn them almost on a daily basis as an everyday shoe because they are so light weight and comfortable. I have worn them on several day hikes and several trail runs. read more…


Review by: Ron J

Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity shoes were provided by Hi-Tec for the purpose of this review.


Ahnu Elkridge – FINAL UPDATE

by Chuck

Ahnu Elkridge - FINAL UPDATE

The Ahnu Elkridge Hiking Shoe is a new generation shoe with some great new shoe technology. I didn’t know much about Ahnu until I tried them. Read more….

Designed by Tim Sainburg from Brambling Design

Bogs Copperhead Snakeboot

Bogs Copperhead

Bogs Copperhead Image courtesy of Bogs

The Copperhead is listed in the hunting category on the website, and as expected, they are camo (Realtree).  Also, as the name hints, these are snake boots.  I already own a pair of Bogs boots (the Blaze MT) and have been extremely pleased with their performance but I am excited to see if the Copperhead’s are up to the challenge. So over the next few months I’ll be wearing the Copperhead boots while I am out and about exploring in the woods and paddling on local creeks and rivers.  Please click here to read the first of a series of three reports on how they perform.

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Wolverine Compass Boot Update

Wolverine Compass Boot Update I have now worn these Wolverine boots enough to make a few observations.  The first one would have to be that these are extremely comfortable boots.  I had absolutely no problems with break in, which I have experienced with several other boots I have worn over the years.  Not that the other boots did not turn out to be very comfortable, but I don’t like having to suffer through weeks of discomfort like I have before.  I also found that despite being pretty big boots, I have not felt clumsy in them. Clumsy might not be the exact word I’m hunting but what I mean is that the boots are similar in feeling to wearing much smaller trail runners.  To read the rest of the update please click here.

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