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Final Update Smartwool PhD Run Socks

Final Update Smartwool PhD Run Socks

Hiking in the Kisatchie National Forest

Since my last update I have continued to use the Smartwool PhD run socks for hiking and running in the Southeastern United States. I have put over 220 miles on the socks and they remain some of the most comfortable socks I have worn.  Durability remains good, but I am beginning to see wear in the bottom of the socks.  Click HERE for my final thoughts.

Final thoughts on the Katadyn BeFree Filter

Katadyn BeFree Filter

Filtering water with the Katadyn BeFree while running in Alaska

I have continued to use the Katadyn BeFree filter over the past couple months on a couple more backpacking trips. Durability has been great over the past couple months with no issues, but ease of use, well it is still easy to use, but there were some hiccups.  Click HERE to read my final update.

Update on the Swiss Advance Crono N5 knife

Swiss Advance

Swiss Advance Crono N5

I have carried the Swiss Advance Crono N5 knife for the last month or so, and I really like how handy this little knife is. The tools are useful in a pickle, and the knife blade is sharp and big enough for standard camp tasks like cutting stuff for meal prep.  Read on for my full thoughts on the Swiss Advance Crono N5 knife.

Update – Smartwool Backpacker Tee


Two months with the Smartwool Backpacker Tee and I can say it’s one of the best that I have ever worn. I’ve worn it backpacking, running, at the gym and around town. Click here to see my thoughts on this shirt’s superpowers as well as how well it plays with dogs.

Kaleb R.

Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks

Review by Arnie P

Sockwell Men's therapeutic performance socks

Sockwell Men’s therapeutic performance socks

Sockwell provided the men’s Ascend OTC and Summit OTC socks for review.

Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks

In this last look at the Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks, we discuss washing and the reduction of swelling in my legs. I have been out on the trail in the cold weather of 15 F and winds up to 20 mph. We get to see differences between these two excellent pairs of socks. I will answer a question asked by an observer on the trail.

These socks take longer to put on than regular socks. The method shown on the website is better than any I tried. Removing the socks off also takes a few seconds longer. Taking off the Summit socks takes a little longer than taking off the lower compression Ascend socks. To read more please click here.

Update – Smartwool PhD Run UL Socks


Smartwool Phd UL Socks after 100 plus miles of running

I have put over 100 miles on the Smartwool Phd Run socks in the past month, including using them for the last 40 miles of the Great Mississippi River Levee Run. The socks have performed well in cool and warm temperatures and are proving to be durable.  Click HERE for my full update.