Backpacking 101 Book Review

It would be impossible to cover absolutely everything there is to know about backpacking in a single book.  Perhaps that’s what many of us love about it – the duality of the activity. Backpacking is enjoyable and rewarding because of both its simplicity and complexity. In spite of all of this, I found Backpacking 101 to be great for the the individual who is just considering backpacking as well as for the seasoned backcountry hiker who is eager to learn more. Click here to read my full review. 

Kaleb R.

Warming up with Wonder Warmers

Wonder Warmers
Wonder Warmers (Size Small)

By Suzanne, which is an awesome site to find anything eco-friendly, recently hooked me up with a set of Wonder Warmers to try out. I don’t know if you have been watching the weather lately, but we have been hit with a lot of cold temperatures here in Maine lately (and absolutely no snow). I’m typically against using portable/chemical heating pads because I don’t like the waste that they cause. Fortunately the Wonder Warmers are completely reusable. To read about my latest trip outdoors with them, you can read the whole report by clicking here or you can read about just the Wonder Warmers by clicking here.

Trail Food Challenge- Breakfast Polenta

April 20, 2010
by Andy Bowman

A few months ago I challenged myself to start trying to create, copy, or use recipes to make my own trail meals. There are plenty of websites and cook books dedicated to this hobby, but I wanted to see just what happens when someone like me tries to make their own food. Anyone can read a cookbook, but how many of us can really use it or its ideas to create palatable and easy to make trail food? Well, my first recipe is up and while I like it, it may not be the thing for you, but you can always give it a try. Breakfast Polenta ala Andy my first creation and I hope you enjoy.

How to Build a Lightweight Alcohol Stove

By: Dave D’Abate Pepsi_can_stove_exploded

While there are many different styles and instructions for making these kinds of alcohol stoves, I have found this method to be one of the easiest and generally the cheapest. The most important thing to remember is safety first! Never cut toward yourself or others and make sure you have a clean work area. Be careful working with the sharp edges of the cans.

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Getting Started Geocaching


by Susan

Me and my little sis out Geocaching

Geocaching, verb. To find, place, or maintain a Geocache. I have been Geocaching since I was about 7 and took to it immediately! Geocaching is like a treasure hunt with a GPS (Global Positioning System) instead of a treasure map. The GPS can only get you so far before you’re forced (well, maybe not forced but you get what I mean) to look around for the cleverly disguised container. It can be anything from a magnetic key holder to a 2’-by-1’ metal box. It can have anything inside it from a small slip of paper to sign your name on, to a bag of toys to trade.

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