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Ultimate Direction Access 600 Running Belt

Access 600

5k Finished!

I am always looking for new ways to carry gear and stay hydrated while running.  For most of my runs, a vest is overkill, but I still need something to carry my phone, a few snacks, and some water.  Ultimate Direction has a new line up of running belts called the Access 600 that I think will fill this need in my running gear quiver.  I will be reviewing this running belt over the next few months.  Read on for my initial thoughts.

Final Update: Mazama Windigo 3L bladder

Mazama Windigo 100L I have thorougly enjoyed using the Mazama Windigo 3L bladder.  It really shinned on a recent hiking trip on the Pinhoti Trail.  I found it not only easy to drink from but keeping it clean was a breeze. To read the rest of my thoughts please click here.

Coy Boy

Mazama Windigo 3 L Reservoir

Mazama Windigo 3 L reservoir I’ll be testing the Mazama Windigo 3 L (100 oz) Reservoir for the next few months.  I have used bladders in the past but always seemed to gravitate back to carrying my water in bottles for several reasons. However, this often meant taking my pack off to get a drink.  The Mazama Windigo looks like it has addressed a few of my concerns, mainly being able to clean and thoroughly dry it between uses.  Anyways, to read my initial thoughts, please click here.

Coy Boy

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure – Update

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure – Update by Jason B

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure

Bird Ridge Alaska

I have worn the Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure for a little over 100 miles of running over the past month and it has performed well over this time period.  Easily accessible water and the quick storage retrieval are definite bonuses to the belt, while bottle durability, and bib clip issues are my drawbacks.  Click Here to read the update!

Final Update: Camelbak Ultra LR Hydration Vest

sweaty after a run Since my last update I have continued to use the Camelbak Ultra LR several times a week, mostly for bike rides and for day hiking.  However, for the past week and a half I have actually used it more like it was designed to be used.  Yes, I have been running, but I should not be confused with a serious runner.  To read the rest of the update including the complete report please click here.


Coy Boy

Camelbak Marathoner Vest

Camelbak has been creative innovative hydration solutions since 1988.  The Camelbak Marathoner Vest was created by Camelbak with marathon training and trail running in mind.  It has includes some unique features that could help you out with all those miles you put in.  Check out my initial review by clicking here.

-Kaleb R.