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Final Update: Icebreaker Women’s Long Sleeve Grace Zip Top (GT Bike)

Long Sleeve Grace Zip Top The weather has been crazy here in Southern California the past month. One day it is warm enough to break out the T-shirts and the next day it is time to break out the parkas. However, I was still able to wear the Icebreaker Long Sleeve Grace Zip Top while mountain biking in the late afternoon and evenings.

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By Jenn K.


Icebreaker – Update

One thing about reviewing outdoor gear that continually amazes me is what items I find easy to review and what ends up being difficult. Work and family obligations aside, some seemingly simple items end up being the most challenging to review. And this has been the case with the Icebreaker items we received to review. If you will recall, my two girls (Susan 14 & Grace 10) were asked to test a few items. Susan received the Cascade Half Zip and the Flexi Chute (neck warmer), while Grace got the Long Slee Snow Mt Ranch ve Hoody Flutter and the pocket hat. Sounds simple enough right?

Well the problem is that the Icebreaker items are simple, well made garments. No flashy features for a reviewer to go on and on about, and they are quite well made, not a detail missed, so there are no faults to complain about or improvements to suggest. This leaves me, as a product reviewer, with very little to say (and if you know me, I rarely if ever have “little to say” about anything).

So here is the short version: All of the items are incredibly well designed and constructed. They are simple unassuming pieces that are comfortable, easy to care for, and do exactly what they are intended to do. So if you are in the market for one of these, stop reading this, go to the Icebreaker web site, and buy some. You will not regret it.

If for some reason you insist on reading the actual reviews (and I hope you do since I went through the trouble of writing them) use the links below.

Icebreaker (Girls Merino Wool) Long Sleeve Hoody Flutter

Icebreaker Pocket 200 Hat

Icebreaker Flexi Chute

Icebreaker Womens Merino Wool Cascade Half Zip Mid Layer

Thank you,

Dave (the turtle) Wilkes, Susan Drake-Wilkes, and Grace Drake-Wilkes

Final Update: Icebreaker Rush Bra

Icebreaker Rush Bra

Image obtained from the manufacturer’s website.

The Icebreaker Rush Bra has been worn for another month in Southern California while fitness walking, road cycling, and mountain biking.

Check out how I am liking the Rush Bra here.

By Jenn K.

Final Update: Icebreaker GT Road Bike-Women’s SS Rhythm Jersey

SS Rhythm Jersey

Before The Little Red Riding Hood Century Ride

I consider the Icebreaker Rhythm Jersey to be a keeper in my cycling jersey collection. Not only does it look great, but it is super comfortable. It has been worn the past month one to three days a week while road biking.

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By Jenn K.

Icebreaker Rush Bra Update

Icebreaker Rush Bra Update The Icebreaker Rush Sports Bra has been worn for short activities lasting an hour to all day events where it was worn for over 7 hours.  It has been worn under both synthetic and wool tops in temperatures ranging from the upper 40’s F to the mid 80’s F. During the past month it has been worn 2-4 days per week.

Check out how I am enjoying the Rush Bra.

By Jenn K.