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Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6s Case review

Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6s Case

I am a klutz, I admit it.  I break things easily.  I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6s from an iPhone 4s and I needed a new case for my phone to try and protect it from my klutzy ways.  Urban Armor Gear or UAG makes a line of cases to protect all types of phones and tablets and I decided to give them a try.  I have been using their case for the last month while backpacking, running and everyday use and I am pleased and more importantly my iPhone still looks new. Read on for my full thoughts.

Update – Lander Cascade Powerbank

I have been using the Lander Cascade Powerbank over the past several weeks and I have found that it is as good as advertised.  It provides two full charges to my iPhone before it needs to be recharged and the rugged case has stood up to the daily abuse of being tossed in my backpack that goes with me everywhere.  Continue reading for my full review.

How about a charger for on the go?

BoostBloc2000 The BoostBloc2000 is a rechargeable USB Battery Pack manufactured by Eton. This battery is designed to charge smartphones and other USB chargeable devices one full charge. Just plug the device (using the cord for the device or compatible) in the USB slot of the BoostBloc.

Check out the BoostBloc2000 here.

By Jenn K.