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Country Archer Jerky Update

Country Archer

Country Archer Meat Bar Black Creek Wilderness

I ran the gamut of emotions for this review: amazing, happy, satisfied, and sad.  The beef jerky from Country Archer has been used backpacking in Mississippi, as a snack during Mardi Gras Parades, and as refueling after running a 50k race in Mississippi.  The product is amazing and left me happy and satisfied, but sad when I went on my latest backpacking trip in the Black Creek Wilderness and realized all I had left was a couple of the Herb Citrus meat bars and had eaten the rest of the jerky. Read on for my final update.

Final thoughts on the Field Trip Jerky

Field Trip Jerky

I sampled three flavors of the Field Trip Jerky while hiking, traveling, and to school to keep me satisfied until I could get a meal.

What did I think about the favors?

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By Kat

Field Trip Jerky

Field Trip Jerky Looking for a jerky to enjoy on the trail with no preservatives, nitrites, corn syrup or added MSG? How about one that is even gluten free, low fat, and low carb? Try Field Trip Jerky!

Take a look at Field Trip Jerky.

By Kat