First look at the Lander Cairn Lantern + Power Bank

First look at the Lander Cairn Lantern
Lander Cairn Lantern + Power Bank

Lights are essential to our daily lives.  We need portable lights during emergencies to light the way or while camping to see who is going to win the next hand of UNO. Lander has invented the Cairn Lantern + Power Bank to help make portable lighting accessible no matter where you are.  I will be reviewing the Cairn Lantern + Power Bank over the next couple of months.  You can read my initial thoughts HERE.

Update – Lander Cascade Powerbank

I have been using the Lander Cascade Powerbank over the past several weeks and I have found that it is as good as advertised.  It provides two full charges to my iPhone before it needs to be recharged and the rugged case has stood up to the daily abuse of being tossed in my backpack that goes with me everywhere.  Continue reading for my full review.

Lander Cascade Powerbank 5200

Electronics have become an integrated part of our life even while playing in the outdoors, but electronics require power, and multi-day trips drain power from our devices, which can often mean missing a photo opportunity or hearing my favorite song on the last day of a trip.  Lander has a solution – their new Cascade Powerbanks.  I will be testing the Cascade Powerbank (5200 mAh) over the next several months to see if it can keep my electronics powered on the trail.  Read more here.

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Lander Cascade Powerbank 5200