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Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Rechargeable LED Lantern UPDATE

After having used the lantern for about a month, I have become quite fond of having it around.  It has proven quite versatile in use being handy in various situations. Click here for the UPDATE


Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Rechargeable LED Lantern

This reviewer received the Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Rechargeable LED Lantern for review purposes.  From here on out I will refer to it as “the lantern”.  Due to a planned vacation up north, I was unable to complete the initial review before I got a chance to utilize the lantern in the field. Click here for Full Review



Update on the FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0

resized952016092895210103 I have been using the FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0 for the past month. Check out what I think of this multi-tool.

Read more here.

By Kat

It Sure is Dark Out There

Petzl Tikka LED headlamp

Petzl Tikka LED headlamp

Now that the clocks have been adjusted, its getting dark awful early on the east coast.  How about where you are?  By 4:30 or so, its too dark to be out with out some type of light.  Especially if you are looking for coyote, or they are looking for you…  Check out the first part of the review of the Petzl Tikka Headlamp.

Petzl provided this headlamp for review purposes.

Going Rogue, with the Icon Rogue 2 Flashlight

When the Icon Rogue 2 Flashlight arrived I was standing there staring at it. The cool factor on this thing is off the chart and my only fear was with the fact that I had to see if it was useful as it was cool looking.  Read more here…

by Anderson Bowman
April 28, 2010