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LOWA is going to Iceland

LOWA Maine GTX Women's snow boot

LOWA Maine GTX Women’s boot

Next week, I’m heading to Iceland for some exploring, camping and hiking.  I’m trying to travel light, so I’m only taking two pairs of shoes.  My LOWA Maine GTX shoes for exploring in town, and my LOWA Aerox GTX® Surround‘s for hiking.  The Maine’s arrived back in the winter, but are intended to be a casual, spring/summer/fall shoe. I think they will serve the purpose, especially since we plan on doing a lot of walking.  Read about the Maine’s HERE.


Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro


Charlie -walking across the frozen snow.

Maine in the winter is cold, snowy and long.  Sometimes getting outdoors isn’t very easy to do.  I enjoy snowshoeing, and don’t mind the snow.  I’m not crazy about bitter cold and ice though.  Hillsound may have provided some relief from the ice – now if they could do something about the cold.   The Trail Crampon Pro’s offer some very aggressive ice crampons that make being outdoors less slippery and much more enjoyable.  Follow along for my initial thoughts, and then check back next month for a follow up.  Click Here to read on.

LOWA Maine GTX Snowboots arrive in Maine

But where is our snow?

LOWA Maine GTX Women's snow boot

LOWA Maine GTX Women’s snow boots

I received the LOWA Maine GTX boots for review purposes, and am anxious to try them out.  We really do need some snow, and hopefully will have some before too long.   The boots look like high top sneakers, but are designed for wearing in the snow and cold.  With uppers made from Waxed Cotton Canvas/Polyester/Full Grain Leather and a lining that is waterproof and includes GORE-TEX®, I am very curious as too how they will do.  Click HERE to read more about them.

Acorn Rambler Mule Shoe

A week or so before Christmas, this box arrived from a company originating in Maine!  Up for review are Acorn’s Rambler Mule Shoe, a sort of hybrid slipper shoe in my own words.  Read on for what the company claims and my initial thoughts. Review link HERE.


A Winter Wandering in Maine

by Suzanne

On Firewarden's Trail up Pleasant Mountain in Maine

On Firewarden's Trail up Pleasant Mountain in Maine

The snow is starting to stick to the ground. The temperatures in the morning have been hovering in the mid-teens. Winter has definitely arrived here in Maine even if it isn’t December 21st yet. Unlike a lot of people around my area that seem to dread the cold and can’t drive as soon as the first snow flake falls, I live for winter. The mountains get calmer. The trail heads less crowded. And I can often go for hours on the trail without seeing a soul. It’s just the way I like my time in the mountains (most of the time).

To hear more about my first day out in the mountains during this winter season and Digby’s last day of the year, click here.