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Mazama Windigo 3L Reservoir Update

Mazama Windigo 3L reservoir The Mazama Windigo 3L Reservoir has worked really well for the applications I managed to use It for.  This would be mostly for backpacking but I also used it on a kayaking trip and actually drank more water from it then than when hiking.  To read the rest of the update please click here.

Coy Boy

Mazama Windigo 3 L Reservoir

Mazama Windigo 3 L reservoir I’ll be testing the Mazama Windigo 3 L (100 oz) Reservoir for the next few months.  I have used bladders in the past but always seemed to gravitate back to carrying my water in bottles for several reasons. However, this often meant taking my pack off to get a drink.  The Mazama Windigo looks like it has addressed a few of my concerns, mainly being able to clean and thoroughly dry it between uses.  Anyways, to read my initial thoughts, please click here.

Coy Boy