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Outdoor Retailer Winter 2017 All Mountain Demo Day

Winter OR 2017 All Mountain Demo Day

Winter OR 2017 All Mountain Demo Day

I had a great time at Solitude Ski Resort outside of Utah playing with the latest in snowshoes, skis, and winter gear.  Check out my thoughts here.


Final Update MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoes

Review by Jason B


Courtesy of Matt York

Making tracks on Mt. Meek

The snow I was excited about in my last update fizzled out and rain moved in, that being said snowshoe adventures were still had.  However, on my first trip with the MSR Lightning Explore’s after the last update, the binding on the left snowshoe broke, specifically the Axis Gait system allowing my left foot to move back and forth freely.  MSR replaced the snowshoes and I have used them on nine more trips for another 24 miles with no apparent issues – read on for my full review.

Update 1: MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoes

Update 1: MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoes

Winter has descended on Southeast Alaska and I have had the chance to get out and play in the snow.  I have used the MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoes on five trips thus far totaling a little over 20 miles of use.  The shoes have performed admirably.  My favorite thing about them is how easy they are to put on and take off, durability has been good, traction is excellent while floatation is good, but the cold temperatures and powder like snow had me wishing for larger snowshoes or partners to help break trail.  Read more here.

MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoes – 2015

MSR provided the snowshoes for this review.  You can visit their website here: http://www.cascadedesigns.com/

Snow, glorious snow – nothing lights up a dark Southeast Alaska winter like snow.  As I write snow is falling in the mountains and expect to have snow at sea level over the next week.  One of the best things about snow is snowshoeing and seeing the forests and trails covered in white and from a new perspective.  This winter I plan to have a new companion to help me conquer snowy trails – the MSR Lightning Explore snowshoes.

MSR Pocket Rocket Final Update

MSR Pocket Rocket Final Update I kept thinking I would get a chance to do an extended backpacking trip before finalizing this review but life conspired against me. As such, I will just go with what I have.  I do want to say that the MSR Pocket Rocket has meet all my expectations.  It is a great little stove.  Add the fact that it is one of the most affordable stoves on the market and you have a winner.  To read the rest of this update along with the entire review please click here. 


Coy Boy

MSR Pocket Rocket Update

MSR Pocket Rocket

breakfast of coffee and oatmeal

First of all, let me apologize for being so late with this update.  I used the MSR Pocket Rocket on two short overnight trips back in early spring, then got busy with gardening etc and before I knew it, it was too hot to really enjoy hiking. I thought I might get a chance to do some hiking in the mountains where it is slightly cooler but every time I planned something, a family emergency or something would prevent my going.  When I finally got a chance to go on an extended camping trip it was not a backpacking trip, but at this point anything would be better then nothing. To read the rest of the update please click here.